Dear Friends

Another year has passed, already two years have gone by since Michael’s transition time.

So much has happened in this past year, the most incisive one is that UNACHO is no longer. The place has been the home for Michael and us, his family, it has been a home for many beautiful people who have been living with us over the years here plus, of course, it has been the headquarters for the work – all this over the course of 17 years. Michael loved the place. In a way, it was the house he always had dreamed of. At the beginning of September it was passed on to new owners after incredibly intense months of sorting out, letting go, and giving away. It was a strong process, at times very demanding, energy consuming and again and again it felt never ending.
But we made it and managed to pass on a completely empty house. What a job!

After a time of recovery, I am now living in a kind of interim solution, in a smallish, nice room in Freiburg sublet to me by a friend, which is fine for the moment and somewhat fitting. I feel somehow like a student – of course not age-wise 🙂 but in the sense that I have stepped out of the safe environment of the family and am facing a new life which is yet to be grasped or clearly mapped out.
I am standing alONE on my two feet, feeling the earth underneath, allowing my arms to open up to the sky, embracing whatever comes my way. In this, of course, I am a bit wobbly at times, sometimes sad for what is gone, but also excited and just living each day as it comes. The beauty is that all along the essence of Michael is with me. What the future holds and where the flow will take me is still not clear.
A new beginning… somewhere… when the time is ripe.

My current situation is one which does not feel like the right one from which to offer any online events.

But, for this special day when Michael made the transition from this earth into the other realm, we would like to share with you two little treats which will bring back memories of the person he was and the impact he had on so many of us. I hope they will help you to dive right back into the space towards which Michael always pointed.

Both are from an Easter Festival in UNACHO:
The all new video is from 2010,
The talk he gave during the course of the seminar is from 2014.


I know we will be all connected in our remembrance of Michael whom we all loved and love so dearly.

Love & Light to you all,