Sampurna, 27/12 - 1/1 


Thank you for the most beautiful days ever, writes Jila.

That was probably the most beautiful 90 mins of my life, said my daughter San Chi after one such session.

Thank you for a most fantastic Winter Festival. On the morning of the 31st you took me for a walk in the circle of people, and it was like we were walking in the heavenly paradise of light. All light beings were there with us. It was so magnificent and magical. I felt so free and at home and in total peace, I started smiling and laughing, leading me to a sacred place inside of me.  I am so grateful.

Thank you Michael for a beautiful Winter Festival. Timeless love. 'The perfect life' - time vanished. All events happened at the same instant. I could be anyone. At any time.

5 days, no meditations, no energy structures, each & every session simply coming from the source.

There is the Way Up and the Way Down, Up is transcendence - which you more or less all, more or less do, again & again! Down is to Innocence - how we were - most of us anyway, thankfully, at 6/7 years old, not knowing much, the future far off in the clouds, so no expectations really, but alive, simply so, the bare truth of our existence - enough really. So when your life feels destroyed, demolished, then that's where to go and to be, where to find yourself, your original nature, so in a session everyone went there, and it became like a kids' playground. No one can take that away from you!

Shunyata, our 'partner' in the new Energy Calendars, took the step of shaving off all her hair (and that was plenty!) This can happen at such a time, signifying a kind of rebirth...

The whole time, I was nowhere & everywhere.

Like a wild goose taken by the tides of wind and just flapping and flying to free all those there.

All newcomers asked for and got spiritual names, including 2 daughters, one already on her little feet, the other still curled up in the womb.

Having 2 daughters and a son there too brought an added flair to my days there. After we all wished one another HNY, the disco continued, run by Akali (who, along with Mishka, and Tiago, provided great help throughout, as the 70+ people were thrown in our group room unpredictably into the tides of energy), Indro, and son, Kozan. I held out  - with the help of Mishka! - till 03.00, my latest ever, I think, and the last to surrender to the new day - son Kozan and daughter Wu Chi  - did so at 07.30!

Then the 5 of our family all went on in the early afternoon to visit the new family member Ela/Pietra, daughter of my eldest lass, Buji; for her two sisters and one brother, it was for the first time...