UNACHO, 7-11/2/18 :: A BLOG

HI EVERYBODY! Here is the latest news on this scintillating OPT Training after we all met again earlier this month to continue the Path to clarity and space, and the LOVE it brings to all, and also to one another – in abundance.

Here, thanks to some helpful notes from Abava – I can never, or rarely, remember hardly a thing we did after the end of a seminar, but with Abava's notes, now I can deliver!

With the Intro talk - Being Inside With Me - we set the scene for the week, and part of it was (apparently): "We intend to kill you this week." (Well, we did have some success!)

First up as usual at the beginning of OPT meetings were the feedbacks from all as to how it has been for them since our last meeting. They sat in a circle, Tiago, Mishka and Abava in front and part of it, and me slyly behind, in my chair, indicating I would only respond or speak if I dearly needed to – which I did on several occasions, using my old Encounter fire and sword– and leaving those who 'received' to pick up the pieces, and finding that they didn't fit again, at least not in the same way. Next day I introduced the legendary Mu Meditation - the only one of the many that is 'borrowed' but no less a smash hit for that. Then feedback sessions of that, to MB who, they say - was as a ZM (Zen Master), giving very strong personal/individual teachings.

Next up, from Mishka, as usual, was the regular winter solarplexus and 'anger to aggression' work, which reaches down into the hidden morass of lifetime emotions, buried for safety. I followed this up with kundalini work on everyone's spine - all very effective!  Then the afternoon of 'Working in the Energyfield' - 'a real sangha happening' came the report, and then as usual, Soma Meditation.

Somewhere there was the talk: All You have To do Is To Jump – which came after reading them the Intro to the first Wild Goose book, from Belsitostrasse in Zurich, Nobody Knows My Name. If you have it, or you have seen it, you will know why. (At the end of the fable a man looks down a dark hole, 'sees' where it leads - and just jumps.)

Next up was the Michael Walk, our new top Reality Meditation. That Walk walks away with so much in our heads about life. If you don't know it yet, makes sure you soon do! (Most common feedback: I felt free!)

So then after the usual individual last-morning-personal energy work I was handed nine questions - the most since years. So much had been shifted in everybody during these days that advice was dearly wanted - about applying it all in the lives they were all returning to...

Every morning there was a new version of Bodyflow - and what preceded it - from Abava, applying the group energy situation at once for all in the early morning, through the body. Tiago of course dealt as always very directly in the feedback sessions, especially in my absence.

We had a great house team and visiting Streamers for this Training, and once again they were all very much part of it and very much appreciated.

In the days that followed many wrote me 'feedback letters.' Here are some extracts:

Beloved Michael, My time with you has been such a blessing for me. When we did the Michael Walk I simply lost my mind. It feels like something in me has been completed. The streaming has come alive in my daily routine. Emptiness and not knowing is my daily mantra. I love you.

A deep experience with the Michael Walk, to live the life without purpose, it is changing all. Thank you for every moment you walk with us, you flower with us, you sing with us, you get angry with us, you give your life for every being on the planet.

In those OPT days I thought to myself - there's nothing better than that. It is so deep and my soul can appear.

Behind everything there is the source, timeless and still.

That is what we connect with ultimately. And from there the healing happens.

Dear Beloved Michael, OPT6 is such a great way of learning how to exist, a brilliant teaching in the multiple dimensions of life, and a very beautiful journey into the source and into oneself. Thank you for bringing so much hope, love and light to the world. The training program is in its essence a masterpiece, days and nights of bliss, laughter, tears, anger, fears, killings, rebirthings and most of all a deep mutual connection and friendship of the souls in the group. Yours for ever!

The Training is such a gift for me, that there are no words to describe: healing old traumas, finding my inner master, deep connection with the group and moments of bliss after going through fear and pain. You connect us with a holy space - and I have not expected such a deep transformation. Thanks so much to you, Mishka, Tiago & Abava - you are in my heart and will ever be.
With all my love, Saranta

The past OPT week was like sailing on the ocean. Moments of great silence, storms, marvellous sunrises, endless waves. Every day was like 3 days and yet still the week passed like a flash. Then the feeling that I was going back home to a box. Then I decided not to step back into the box. Until now I manage well. Last but not least there was the feeling of being home, with fantastic people around everywhere, and lots and lots of joy. What a bright beauty.
Much & Much Love Manuel.

That's just a selection.

Soon after the end of this Great Treat, Mishka and I 'beat a retreat' for a few days to Andalusia, where the sun shone the whole time, where we toured a little this glorious area of the world with wonder and joy, and included in this sun spell was a visit to meet my brother David, who lives there since many years right up high in the hills, a remote home surrounded by great natural beauty, with his wife Paula - whom I had not seen since 20 years, nor David since 10 - all on top of a very welcome & relaxed break for us both. Next up for me now in a few days is my first 'away' seminar of the year - in Bremen, and then - on we go!

The foto at the top of this blog was not taken in Denzlingen!