Beloved Friends,

Today is a Special Day,
the day of Birth of our beloved Michael !!!

A day to celebrate his life,
- his being,
- his passion for the Work,
- the love he shared,
- his dedication to the ONE, the Big Mystery,
- his sharing of this special connection he had to the energy space with all of us,
- giving thousands of people a taste of uniting with IT.

What a gift he has been and still is in our lives…..
What a shining light in the dark….

For this special day we would like to share this previously unpublished Q&A session from the 2012 Denmark seminar.
Another little pearl from our treasure box.

New Music Album !
Additionally we are happy to release today as another Birthday Special a brand new music album with music by Domini and lyrics by Michael.

Available for download on our webshop - with a special BIRTHDAY DISCOUNT if purchased today!

The following lines Domini wrote to me about this new compilation:

I have this final and 7th Michael album ready! I would love if it could be in some way available to the geese all around!
I don’t know how you feel about that now, but for me something feels unfinished if it doesn’t get around. All the songs have been heard by Michael and one of them “The Upending Smile” even contains him singing in Belsitostrasse.

Michael Hour
In the meantime here in UNACHO we continue to hold our Michael Hours every Tuesday and Thursday which can be joined through ZOOM.
I am very touched by the depth, the wonder, the communion we reach during those sessions. Michael is clearly felt ….
Please e-mail me at if you want to participate and I will send you the link.

I´d like to finish this Celebration Message with a poem from Michael, included as one of the songs on the new "Infinite Souls" album...

Much LOVE to you All

The Ecology of the Human Heart

The holistic approach to the body
Says that every part of the physical system
is involved with every other part

And therefore all healing must take into account
the whole organic system

And everything thats being said and written
about the ecology of the Earth is the same thing

That one has to take into account the whole system
That the Earth is another body
Like the physical body

Energy Work is the ecology of the Human Heart
It is saying that everything affects everything
That not only the Body
Not only the Mind
Not only the Heart
Not only the Earth
But also the whole Universe
Is an expression of Energy moving
With a certain vibration

Because Energy is not a method
It is a reality
In working with Energy you are touching
The ocean of Energy
Which is in fact
Everything that exists!