Infinite Souls – 10 songs [DOWNLOAD]

Infinite Souls – 10 songs [DOWNLOAD]


This compilation includes 10 songs as MP3 files and a 12 page PDF booklet with Michael´s poems.

All lyrics by Michael Barnett
All music by Domini Kenneth Plon –



Beloved Geese
Hardly a day passes without me thinking of Michael in some way.
He is often there in my dreams too. Right at this moment writing
about him I feel the Energy Work in me. The fantastic gift of being
able to feeling reality and being with reality right now. This was for
me always the root of Michael’s work with us.
When I met Michael in 1984 I was doing lot of music, played in
several bands, but hadn’t succeeded in finding words to go along
with my own music.
Michael did a group happening in Denmark called Flower Shower,
and he wrote a poem for this group. I composed melody and music
for this first song and played it for Michael and the people of the
group after dinner on Saturday night. I was very nervous, wasn’t at
all used to sing for others, but somehow Michael´s presence made
me concentrate fully on performing. And Michael liked it! Asked me
to play the song once again…
Since then I’ve put music to, I think, around a hundred poems of Michael’s.
While working with them I’ve been in love with every single
poem. That work has been the main outlet for my musical creativity
in my life. Thank you for that too, Michael!
Much love

All lyrics by Michael Barnett
All music by Domini Kenneth Plon -

Additional musicians:
The Upending Smile: with Michael on Backing Vocals,
Percussion by Ummon, Guitar by Chaitanya, Keyboard by Bhaskar
Infinite Souls: Backing Vocals by Vasuda

  1. Infinite Souls 4:33
  2. Burn Your Candle Bright 3:27
  3. Just the Turn of an Open Face 4:51
  4. In a Chariot With Wings 5:08
  5. The Still Point of the Turning World 5:00
  6. Just This 3:41
  7. The Upending Smile (1986) 5:07
  8. Ecology of the Human Heart (1995) 6:40
  9. The Tide (1992) 10:22
  10. Fall (instrumental) 20:17

A 12 page PDF booklet with Michael´s poems included.


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