It was 1989 when I first was there in Prague to do a Group, it was then that the Czech Republic became free of Soviet control, and they were celebrating, so much so that though they came for my seminar ('Fantastic!' group remembers Sandipa, who was assisting me there then), but a meditation group, at that time, not surprisingly, was not a national priority, so a small number slowly left the group to join the celebrating citizens around town.

Soon after that, on another group, a participant brought me a notice he had seen posted on a tree near where he lived, naming Michael Barnett as 'the anti-Christ' and warning people away from any participation in my working seminars.

But soon many people began to come, most of them asking for spiritual names from me. Hundreds over a few years. Then most would disappear. I remember saying to a group later on, that if they were in a supermarket and bumped into someone else's trolley, and if they then asked that person if they had a spiritual name from Michael Barnett, then they'd probably say Yes.

But now things there are very different. Apart from my annual visits, Tiago has been also busy there, and we even ran a Training there, just for Czechs. Some have been here to UNACHO for seminars held here, and a few have joined X-Runs and quite a number have joined our yearly OPT, some even running one through twice! Also we get regular helpers from there at times of home seminars, to join cooking and home teams.

So all in all, the Czechs are very much in the Wild Goose Premier League.

This time. We were in the usual grouproom, the same since many years, and our accomodation was just across the road, a stone's throw away. Tiago & Nabi from Denmark were as usual there to support me. And Nabi provided food intake throughout. Jamain is now our organizer there, very willing and efficient, and Cindrilla has been our translator for many years - and what a good and willing one she is! (And she just now writes - I love that job!)

The seminar itself? As usual, who knows? I remember a session where the participants were asked to go back to 'before they were born', and then be themselves from there, and it turned out to be rather like the Michael Walk. And just as terrific and eye-opening. Now let's see what some of those there said about it all in their post-group mails:

One of the new ones, Sutarami, wrote this in her name confirmation: Thank you very much for pure empty head of silence and a heart full of love. I never believed I could feel these feelings till today. Everything is thanks to you.

And you gave me the answers to all my questions. Now I know where I am, so simply.

Diving into the space before I was born - unbelievable! Now my eternal parents can be Existence. Wow! I can taste now that every moment can be completely new! As my choice! And in one session I felt so much love for myself - never till this time. A great liberation & release. Mahaya.

With your talks I understood the words not just with my mind but my whole system connected with them. Sarito

All was there! Back to the stillness from which we all come. The feeling of essence omnipresent. Thank you so much. Teresca

So many breathtaking moments like you greeting the caretaker of the group place, Gabriela, each time on arrival, saying goodbye to her when you left. She was totally shining afterwards. When you were dancing Sunday morning it was pure Grace, your smiles, the great talks, I am prepared to die with a smile! In love Jila.

We had 5 new people and they all got WG cosmic names.

There was a great communal atmosphere throughout, as if when one person was moving with the energy so were all. And on Saturday on top, we were granted a summer's day, with temps into the twenties.

Prague is really a WG hot spot!

Next up - Berlin, which since my first visit in 1977, always has been that!

Whilst I'm there, Mishka - we celebrate 25 years together this year - will be in Kiev, giving there a group of dance and body-and-soul work - her first ever on her own. May this lead to other offers to share her skills, grace and beauty elsewhere in the Energyfield. And Prague has said already that they are up for it, so...