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Michael Barnett
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Change Without Progress

The whole idea of the work we do is to change the level of reality for you, which is very different from making progress. When you make progress you make it from the level you are on, and of course one is happy to make progress on the level one is on but that is not the way I work. I work through changing levels so that eventually you reach a level of non-duality. If you take the experience of joy, which I am sure everybody here has tasted maybe many times in their lives, that joy that you feel [...]

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The Bells of Silence

I’m going to say a few words now about the kind of processes that I expect will be going on today. Some people here I know, but some of you I’ve not met before, so I don’t know what your expectations are or what you would like to happen, but we’re not really going to work therapeutically today. I work in the spiritual dimension, and the spiritual path leads from a life centred in the ego to a life centred in the essence. To make that change is extremely difficult, because when we’re centred in the ego, that seems to [...]

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My Speciality!

*Summary: A great talk about the role of the ego on the spiritual path and the nature of the ultimate disappearance of the ego as we have heretofore known it into that which is off the Path or off the map altogether, but which is always there. This must be one of the clearest accounts Michael has given of the shift from being centred in the ego to being centred in the universal energy - a discontinuity in which identification with the ego structure is dropped, although an ego structure remains as a vehicle for universal energy expression in the [...]

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Where Death Has No Dominion

*Summary: In the absence of any questions for this last session in Linz, Michael gives a short talk about what goes on in his seminars. He tells participants that the crucial shift which is necessary on the Path is from being centred in the mind to being centred in the reality of Oneness, and he goes on to explain how his Work works to facilitate that shift, primarily through the process of resonance. He also stresses that a big step on the journey towards a truly fulfilling human life is to become completely disenchanted with yourself, not merely dissatisfied or [...]

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Two Types Of Maturity

*Summary: An energetically very powerful introductory talk. Michael speaks about the beauty and depth which it is possible to reach within the ordinary 'movie' of life, and about the other dimensions of energy and reality which are available to us as human beings but which lie outside the movie. He describes his own experience of these dimensions of serenity, bliss, love, etc., and describes how he attempts to communicate, convey, and share his familiarity with these dimensions through the process of resonance.* I want to talk to you all about certain dimensions of energy and reality, and it's best that [...]

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Breaking Out

Well, I hope you've all got your paper and pencils ready to take notes - of the silence. *(chuckles)* You have to draw the energy of silence. This is an unusual situation for me. My friend and translator here, Boaz, he said he would love to be giving this talk to you - but then he would talk about his work instead of mine *(chuckles)*, so I said, "No deal!" *(laughter)* It's an unusual situation, and one that I have to confess is not very attractive to me. I don't mean you people, I mean the situation, because I'm up [...]

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