Beloved Energy Field

first of all we want to wish you all a Happy New Year.
May this year bring many opportunities to meet and be together in our beautiful Energy Space.

These days it becomes more and more clear to me that it is so essential to create opportunities where this Energy Space which is familiar to us is awakened, that we can all immerse ourselves in it, get nourished and reconnect to our true home.
Through this we nurture this amazing Energy Field we have and the power of it unfolds each time when people with an openness to the finer dimension gather. Like it happened again now at our New Years Gathering.

I am still in the afterglow of this amazing Retreat we were holding in these days between the years here at Terra Selvatica….
We touched beauty, light and innocence together in the group room and as much so being together outside in this most beautiful wild nature which is enveloping Terra Selvatica.

A Place where Heaven kisses the Earth,
* Light collapses into the Earth *

A lovely bunch of people (21), the youngest being 18 and the oldest being 75, were living and exploring harmoniously together as a Sangha.
I got a taste again how true living can sense ….
Grateful I am to the depth of my Soul ´:`
Much LOVE to you All

What a precious time we had in Terra Selvatica!
I was so touched how open and inviting Patricia, the keeper of the land, was, she was part of the group in no time – as well as all the other “newies” , what a joy! 
I was so touched how open and inviting the land, the earth itself was, I felt so welcomed, wrapped in her arms, so I could go deep, that was very special for me.
I was so touched how we all met and lived together these few days, so open, so easy, so flowing together.
I totally loved the mixture of sessions in the grouproom and explorations alone in nature, one added to the other so beautifully!
We all melted together somehow in this time, or better timelessness, in this space, in the All-ONE.
The skies were open, the earth was open, our hearts were open, a magical time.
Deeply grateful

This land Terra Selvatica, wild earth, provided us a wonderful time, where everything and everyone seem to flow together so beautifully, that we could really live and see into a possible future of community and of a strong healing ground.

Mishka and mainly Patricia are the landholders there, and I feel a lot of Beings present, who are helping everyone along. Yes, these invisible forces are the key to the success of the rituals, the meditations, the energyhappenings we do.

Personally, I had many highs, but one was definitely the Heaven and Earth ritual we did together on this great plane facing to the west, the sunset: I could look into other magic dimensions, I was in the gap, the Zero Zone. This feeling can not to be described, and it stays, I can go there (inside) any time.

An enormous heartroom, full of magic light and so promising for what will unfold. Unfolding in this specific sense means evolution, as inside our cells the DNA unfolds, giving space to new dimensions of love and light in action.

So thank you for all, for the company, for such deep understanding and joy.

Viva los compañeros de viaje love Anuradha

Here are some more impressions from participants:A strong beautiful wild terra has embraced us there, as well as you both (Patricia & Mishka) in your each unique being. Your friendship feels earthly and strong as well and with all together it was so easy to connect to the cosmic power. This very natural earthly way is what I prefer since a long time and more and more. There it is.
Easy to be in Essence.
Also the chance to be one with and in an olive tree, which is a favourite tree for me since long, opened me into depth and around, connected to All.
Much in love

Again and again the miracle of people gathering from different countries, some of them not even knowing the others, then meeting in the first session and Abracadabra: The Timeless Space!

Our 1st session started for me very, very intensely; to feel Michael's presence, he was there, in the middle of us, connected with me with all of us.
The place radiates a kind of magical fairytail charm for me, all the trees, olive trees, pure untouched nature, captivated me. It felt like real, good life, alive, deep, surrounded by silence, as if life was waiting to be lived, timeless, infinitely wide and fulfilling, in harmony with humans, animals and nature.
Wonderful days in the communion with great people, nourishing for the body with delicious food and the soul with infinite love.
The perfect start to the New Year 2024.
Big Kiss

I really enjoyed the time at Terra Selvatica. Our Wild Goose Gathering was a great pleasure.
I especially liked the fact that everything was one cast. Our "work" in the group room, making a fire, working in the kitchen, being outside, eating together, leisure time – all one cast. Life, living together. What a gift it was! Thank you all.
Warm greetings from

For me, these days together were something special, as it happens every time. Feeling a deep connection on different levels with everyone and with the forces of nature is one of the most beautiful feelings for me. All that came to me through meditations was the awareness and acceptance of what is inside me and next to me all the time. Enormous strength at one moment combined with innocence into one whole. And nothing else mattered, not thoughts, not reactions, not images created by our brain. Only the moment that exists now is the only thing that is with you all the time. All you need to do is just see and feel, then everything becomes one. This is where your next moment, your future is created.
Thank you very much!
Love you!

Terra Selvatica and the Wild Geese are a perfect match.
I am touched deeply by the loving awareness and the careful attention you all brought to the earth and the land of Terra Selvatica.
Loved the connection to you all, the diving-in-to the energy field of the wild geese and the one we created, loved the moments in the kitchen, the talk about Innocence and how intimate it is.
And we always, in every single moment, have the choice - to choose LOVE, to choose INNOCENCE.
Embracing the Earth!