Trees & Rivers

There lies beauty, essence, the Unknown (unknowingly), they, the rivers and trees, display themselves on multi-levels, if you can see, or learn to see - as we will.
And when the sun is added we have a Holy Trinity.

Let us join them, these our companions in this life we find ourselves living on this Earth, live with them like we do with our intimate families, live with them in our hearts & souls, even when they are not there where we are.

With them we have an original connection and being one with them we come again to our own origins.And then with the sun on top...


A new longterm Michael Course to follow on from the seven consecutive X-Runs, since the first in 2002, and then on to the 2016/17 Course in Love&Beauty.

"Trees & Rivers" will begin in June 2018 and run till the following June, 2019.
It will consist of 5 x 4-day groups.

The main theme will be the bringing of the cosmic space into daily life - along with the trees & rivers - and surely contributing to this title are my regular walks locally, along this stretch of river with its companion trees on both banks - glorious combination! and then when also the sun is shining, it is little short of paradise…

If you have participated in an X-Run, or an OPT, you automatically qualify, and you can immediately enlist.

If you have not, then you have to apply to Michael, personally, as this is a senior course, normally for regular & experienced Wild Geese, but some people are still up to it, even if that is not explicitly the case, this I well know, so…

Seminar Fee: €2600
Booking & information: OneLife