Weekend Seminar in Vienna (A)

Weekend Seminar in Vienna (A)

Answering the Call!

The fairies are calling.
The angels too!
The birds of course.
And even the worms of the earth,

because in all things,
lies the divine,
the divine spark
that gives life,
without losing anything,
gives life continuously,
without pause
the life of light you can lead
if you listen,
trust& absorb.
Then your life
will be
what it really is,
all clouds cleared in a puff of smoke!




Information & Booking
Anuradha und Sandipa Dabsch
Hauptstrasse 62/7
A - 3420 Kritzendorf
Tel: (+43) 02243 / 21254
Mobile (+43) 0650-925-85-24
Fax: (+43) 02243 / 211 45
Mail: sandipa@aon.at  Sandipa & Anuradha

In case of cancelation a handling fee of € 60,- will be charged. Participation in the seminar is voluntary. Every participant is responsible for themselves and whatever they do at all times. The seminar is not a substitute for medical or therapeutic treatment. If you are in doubt consult your doctor or therapist for advice.

The Language of Energy

We hear words with our ears and with our minds, words come in and we interpret them, make sense of them, and store them away with all the other words. So it is a bit of a revolution to find a way of communicating, and receiving communications, in another way all together. The other way, of course, is through energy.

When I move around it’s not at random, it looks at random, but it’s not – I’m actually changing the energy in the room all the time. And when there is a change there is a message with it, and you can only receive that message properly on the same level as that message is given, just as with words, you have to listen to the words, interpret the words, and put them into your bank in your mind. We do that habitually, that is how we communicate, we receive and we give.

I am communicating to you behind your thoughts, and ideas, and hopes, and ambitions, and wishes. I am communicating to that which will transform you – which is your energy field, and the relationship of your personal energy field with the energy field in the room, and beyond that – communicating the relationship between your energy and the One energy. This is the basis of all energy fields, and to connect with that is to be at the Source – of your life and all life.

So you have to make a leap, you have to change your attention, your angle, from what you usually do: wondering what is going on in your mind, and your heart, and what your mind is telling you is going on in your heart – often it’s not even the heart, it’s your interpretation of what is going on in it. If you can move from that, to being with the state of things energetically, in you, and in the room, then you are on the verge of freedom. Freedom is freedom from everything that you think that you know about reality and yourself.


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