26. May – 31. May 2019         THE CUP RUNNING OVER So it did this year – and will surely do so again. One with the island, one with nature, with the sea,          With one another, And with the endless cosmic life.           Last year we were there in early spring, but luckily with late spring/early summer weather; in 2019 we are there rather later, the last week of May, so we should get at least the same great weather.  Then we were 30 people, just filling the group space we had. […]

28. November – 1. December 2019   If a certain mix is created, if a certain kind of gathering of people takes place, then there is a resonance, something from a mysterious realm of existence responds – and joins. So over the years this group has attracted people already in touch with the light, who are drawn to be part of this group in order to increase the brightness of their light. Which always happens. The very name of this special seminar inspires Michael to play his important part in intensifying the light that is both the source of life […]