Energy Release Meditation

Energy Release Meditation

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This meditation is in three parts, fifteen minutes each part around, and for the whole meditation you sit.

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This meditation is in three parts, fifteen minutes each part around, and for the whole meditation you sit.

The first phase: look within and find energy activities but don’t name them – no words like pain, tightness, blocks, sadness, fear, and so on. Don’t name them, just experience them, acknowledge them, allow them and note them. So just connect with all these no-name energies you can find during this phase and focus on them with your consciousness, of course. Maybe sometimes individually, sometimes in concert with others, connect with them with your consciousness and in this way you add your conscious energy to them, and you allow these energies within to respond to this conscious attention. So the conscious attention energy and the energy of what you are focussing on is going on come together, and then just let whatever happens happen. When you do that it is bound to lead to a movement of the energies, but these movements may lead to actual physical movements or they may remain within the system without any visible external movement into the space around you – that is not necessary – but movement will happen within or beyond you and out. Allow for both these possibilities. There is music to add a dynamic to your exploration.

Now for the second phase: please focus on your hands, please turn your attention to your hands, and now just let them move any way they want – on the body, in space. Just free the hands to move in any way they want, and forget about the energies you found in phase one though of course the hands may go to them, but not because you so direct them. You free the hands to move any way that they desire to move with the energy that you have released in the first part. Just leave it to the hands to take that energy and move it in the best way possible for you.

Part three: sit quietly and allow the energies to settle down, accompanied by soft music.

A full description of the process is given in English, on the CD, and in English and German in the accompanying booklet.

Total Meditation time: 45 minutes.

Meditation, Talk & Lyrics
Cover & Energy Drawing
by Michael Barnett
All music composed, arranged and played by Surrender Cowboys.

Michael Barnett's Meditations

Michael Barnett's Meditations are designed to connect you with hidden sources of energy, within and without, and then to utilize these powerful energies to clear the system of blocks, and obstacles to the free-flowing life. Slowly and steadily the connection with these powerful hidden sources becomes stronger and stronger, and can eventually become permanent, part of the personal life.

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