Energy Streaming Meditation

Energy Streaming Meditation

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This meditation is in three parts, fifteen minutes each part around.
This is the work of the meditation coming now: see if you can convert all those little pockets of energy into a single streaming in your system, and the way you do it is through your consciousness.

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This meditation is in three parts, fifteen minutes each part around.

So to begin with, please be quiet, be within, be with yourself. Please look inside, find out what is going on in you. In particular, check out your body. Where are the pains? The tensions? The troubles? Tightness? Blocks, and so on? And while you’re doing it, also, please be aware of your breathing, that will keep you in the moment. So forget about everything else, just be with yourself, and what transpires within you.

Now take another step. Switch from looking at what is going on in your body to what is happening with your energy - which of course includes the body, but is not at all limited to the body. So how is your energy? Now you don’t name anything, you don’t point to this place or that place, you just tune in to the fact that your body is full of energy, that’s your life force, what is it doing now in you? How is it behaving? How far can you feel in you a stream of energy running through you? Or more likely, as within us all, you have pockets of energy, energy going around in circles somewhere, energy going back and forth somewhere, energy twisting and turning somewhere, energy blocked and causing pain somewhere. Be aware of any such phenomena going on in your energy. So you may get a feeling that “there is a stream of energy running through me, but then it seems blocked – in my elbow or in my knee or in my hip or in my belly, part of my energy is not joining the main flow of my energy,” that’s what I want you to look for.

This is the work of the meditation coming now: see if you can convert all those little pockets of energy into a single streaming in your system, and the way you do it is through your consciousness.
During the meditation, if you feel it helps the work to move your hands and arms a little, that’s okay! Your consciousness has the capacity to change those pockets of energy into a flow, and to bring them in to join the streaming of your system. You are not trapped in them, it is your energy, and you do have the power to open up those pockets of energy and bring them into the energy streaming in your system. You have to trust that you can do it, you have to make a decision to do it, and you have to find in you a deep wish to do it. This is very important. George Gurdjieff, a famous master, said that Wish is the strongest energy in human beings. So make the wish to do this, and clear your pockets of energy, be determined to do it, be convinced that you can do it. So for a while now work on that, see if you can bring all your energies together instead of them being scattered around and doing different things, bring them into a feeling of a whole stream of energy
running through your whole energy system, and your whole body. To give you some assistance in that, some Wild Goose music comes.

For the second part of the meditation, lie down on your back. If you need a cushion for your head, that’s fine.

Now, once again, start by seeing what is happening in the body. The pockets of energy that you are trying to get streaming into the main flow are normally surrounded by some incorrect activity in the body. So, just again, see how is the body? Is it freer than it was when we began? Are there still constrictions here and there? So, that’s the first stage of the second part.

Please check again the situation in your physical body. Add to that - not as substitute - but add to that again the awareness of what is happening in the energy reality within you, which of course includes the body, but as an energy beings you know that’s not all there is, that there is a formless energy in you, and how is that energy behaving in your system, right now?

So continue lying down with the same process and work that you did in the first phase to see if you can bring the remaining pockets of energy into the whole flow within the system, and see if you can get a feeling of a stream of energy running through you like a river, and use your consciousness, which is your highest energy, to succeed in that, bringing the energy that is separate into the flow. To steer it in, coax it in, invite it in. If the mind moves as it will, you also have the power to take the energy of your thinking and bring that too into this flow. You’ll be surprised how easy it is, behind all the thoughts that pop up there is simply an energy that moves into thoughts, and you can take that energy - before it moves into thoughts, or while it is moving into thoughts - and bring it into the full streaming in your energy system.This can be done. So instead of listening to what your are thinking, take the energy of the thoughts, never mind what your thinking is, take the energy of the thoughts, and turn it away from thinking, into the full streaming of your oneness of energy in your system.

And again music comes to help you in this activity, in this cleansing activity.

For the third part of the meditation you stand up.
Please close your eyes, be with yourself again, be with your body, be with your energy streaming, feel your feet on the ground, establish the firm reality of you standing there. Contact with the ground, breathing. “Here I am, standing here physically and energetically.” So from the standing position, you check again what is going on in your body, and in your energy flow. Is it stronger now than it was in the beginning? Or are there still pockets of energy separate? You continue to use your awareness to bring any remaining pockets into your streaming. See if you can get a feeling of a whole stream from the ground through your whole system, into your top chakra. A flow of energy, all together, one stream, like a tree, deep in its roots, moving up into the leaves, and the blossoms,
and the higher points. One stream into the sky. Fed from the earth into the sky, fed from the sky into the earth. Music follows to accompany you in this last phase.

A full description of the process is given in English, on the CD, and in English and German in the accompanying booklet.

Total Meditation time: 45 minutes.

Meditation, Lyrics & Energy Drawing including hand writing on cover by Michael Barnett.
All music composed, arranged and played by Surrender Cowboys.
Layout: Shintai,

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Michael Barnett's Meditations are designed to connect you with hidden sources of energy, within and without, and then to utilize these powerful energies to clear the system of blocks, and obstacles to the free-flowing life. Slowly and steadily the connection with these powerful hidden sources becomes stronger and stronger, and can eventually become permanent, part of the personal life.

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