Mind & Body

Mind & Body


Bringing The Mind & Body Together

A collection of the talks given at
The Mind & Body Seminar,
Denzlingen, October 2017

84 pages, softcover



Bringing The Mind & Body Together

Well, they are together, aren´t they?
Many people identfy with the mind as self,
some others with the body.
The duality cannot be solved on the level of that duality
but it´s clear that from beyond both we can see
they belong to each other,
and are a unity,
Who We Are.

Michael Barnett

These two aspects of human reality were always a subject of much
debate when I was younger, and probably still are in many circles.
When there is such a duality, the thing to do is to look for something
that unites them, and then there – the duality disappears.
They are both forms of energy, active energy; so behind the apparent
duality there lies the essence of both.
This jump into what is common to both mind and body was explored
during this seminar, along with other aspects of human life.
The results lie in this booklet.
A rich tapestry woven by those attending the seminar, people
experienced in the Ways of Energy, as well as in their own involved
daily lives.


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