Wild Geese Zero-Returning

Wild Geese Zero-Returning


Journeys into the Known

© 2020 OneLife Michael Barnett
86 pages, hard cover
includes photos & illustrations



Introduction by Michael Barnett
(The following words are Michael’s comments about this book project, made during an interview with Daivika and Josha in UNACHO, 3rd of October, 2019)
These are all very personal stories of course, people that I have known a long time very closely, and clearly people who have a great resonance with the work.
That includes family people even, I think. I did start to read a bit and I found some errors – and I don’t know whether I’m allowed to change anything because it’s
under your name. Little things – like when I read that you say there are now more than five thousand Wild Geese. In fact it’s more than six thousand, six thousand
and fifteen, and another guy got his name yesterday.

Of course, it provides a strong link between me and the work and you all, because in this book, the people who have contributed have done so very thoroughly
and very personally, very generously, so it’s like they are means of connection, as always. When I’m on one of my seminars there are always the close people, the
intimate people, then the regular people, the occasional people, and the new people, and they all become one by the end of the seminar, as you know.
I remember in the early days when there weren’t so many regular people, of course it was starting off, so the percentage of regular people was less than it is now.
By the end of the group, especially in the first three years, I couldn’t distinguish between the new people and the people who had been there before somehow,
because the energy that I work with is impersonal so it includes all, it’s universal, and when people join it then you can’t separate them from the others who have
joined in.

Of course, it’s individuals who attend the seminars and have to find a way to bring the energy into their lives. Or maybe it’s the other way around, maybe the
energy finds its way into your lives; it’s probably more like that.
Anyway, when it’s been at its best, which it usually is, there’s a feeling that that’s the way things really are, that we are all connected and linked in that way that
we find ourselves being in in seminars. So hopefully it inspires people to join me, those who are drawn deeper and deeper into finding themselves; an expression
not just of their individuality but of human life on earth and in heaven.

It’s a bit of a surprise for me to find at this stage of my illness that it’s such a trouble, and not what I expected. A big surprise. I thought I would just float off quietly
and gently and easily and lovingly, but for some reason I don’t know – a surprise, I don’t know why – the pain has been really quite intense over these last weeks,
and there is nothing I can find to do about it. Quite a shock. A new kind of acceptance. Everything I thought I had found… I don’t see why what I’ve found, by its
nature, should be limited to my active time. I can’t find a reason why all the beautiful things that were given to me up until recently should be taken away and I
should be in such an impotent state that I can’t do anything about. What’s transpiring in the system belongs to me of course, in a way it has joined me, and I guess
that maybe later I’ll find out why it was so tough to finish off.

I think the basic model for my working life was, “If I can, I will.” I mean, I’ve had some tough times, I’ve had a few body troubles, been in hospital a couple of times
for a few days, and come out and just gone on with things like I did before, no sense of “Oh dear, oh dear, since I’m not free of trouble I must be careful.” Just, “If I
can, I will.” And I’ve been in some pretty ‘crooky’ places inside sometimes when I’ve gone to a seminar, but somehow the energy that is also there always comes
through and individual personal trouble seems to hide.

What I was pointing out for a fact was that I take things lightly, on the whole, in my work. I don’t take it too seriously because it’s just there so it’s really like a play.
When I’m in the energy and the energy is in me, it’s like a dance. It has always felt like it’s a gift. You know, like a great tennis player, he has to practise of course
but the special skills that the top, top players have is a given thing. I’ve always felt I’m privileged. It was always a feeling, from the beginning of my life, of destiny;
that what I was happy to be doing now was in me when I was but a little boy. Somehow it was moving through me to express itself, so it was like I didn’t have to
do much, except say yes. Last week, talking to a close friend, I thought, “That’s not true, you’ve worked like mad.” I mean, it wasn’t so hard to work like mad. It
was that I just had such a big yes, and to say yes when the world does not say yes takes some strength, some energy, some commitment, some love, some
appreciation from being total with what you find yourself to be in spirit, and to risk, as I did when I was younger, unpopularity and scorn. “This nonsense this
man’s up to,” like in the old days when it was all fight and struggle and trying to release emotional expression and so on. And I turned things in the whole of the
world, certainly in Europe, away from struggling to become a true person; to allow yourself to be taken over by truth, that’s quite different.

Anyway, we have a lot of people who have been coming these last days with their appreciation and gratitude. I’ve had hundreds of letters, mails and messages
from people who have not held back from expressing their appreciation, and who embrace something that’s maybe the most precious thing we can find in our

Table of Contents

Introduction by Michael Barnett
A Love Story, Beyond the Institution of Marriage
Coming Home
Under the Shadow of a Tree
The “Always So”
A Flying Teapot
No Matter What
A Cosmic DJ
Down to Earth and into Paradise
A Strong Fundament for Living a Full Life
The True Teacher at Work
Daily Life and Transformation
From Drama to Rama
A Sort of Inner Tornado
Opening Doors
Liberation and Expansion
The Impact Michael Has Had on Dokusan´s Life
A Long Way Home
Michael & Me
Always There
Just this
Meaning of Life
To Experience the Spiritual World
Wild Geese Zero-Returning – Journeys into the Known

It All Comes From a Secret Place
A Lifelong Love Affair.
Dedicated to Michael Barnett
Life-changing Session
Eternal Champagne
Power, Who Brings God to Earth
It Was As If My Soul Knew –– This Is It
Dealing with Difficult Emotions
Eternal flying LOVE
You Are My Beginning and My End
Breaking Through the Ceiling – An Interview with Michael Barnett

In deep love and gratitude to MICHAEL BARNETT

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