When The River Runs Through You

When The River Runs Through You


Energy Pointers for Living
Michael Barnett
CEC Cosmic Energy Connections 2019
98 pages, soft cover
includes Energy Drawings & illustrations




Since many years Michael has been offering us a special poem
for each seminar. They are like invitations loaded with cosmic
energy. When I read them, something deep in me is resonating
and fills my heart with joy.

Such a shift is also happening in connection with many of the
talks Michael has given. Coming forth from the same cosmic
space, they are like beams of light. Always appealing, often
giving answers to my unspoken questions. In hard times I take
refuge in the pointers given there.

And so the wish came to compose a booklet with those
beautiful guidelines on the path, poems as well as highlights
taken from talks. There is so much love and wisdom in all of
them. It makes you feel like you are actually being in Michael’s

A booklet to enjoy, to inspire, to connect with the cosmic
energy again and again.

Michael gave his blessings and so here it is.

Each chapter opens with one of Michael’s Energy Drawings
from The Summer Festival 2019 : ‘Flowers of Love’.
Another invitation for resonance.
Very touching.

In eternal gratitude


When you touch universal truths, or they touch you,
then you are with truth - and you recognize it as such.

Everything else comes and goes, sometimes gladly,
sometimes sadly, but hopefully soon forgotten.

The Universal Truth, when it takes you, completes you.
Ah! This is what was missing!

These poems, statements, drawings, in this book come
from that universal source. When you fnd it you recognize it
completely, as not belonging to the one you are now, so just
let go of  ‘that one’ and join your life to the Universal Energy.




Foreword 10
Introduction 11
The Journey to Heaven 13
Earth Energy Expressing the Universe 27
Life in Life 41
Connecting 55
The Still Point 69
That Does Not Die 81
References 96


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