Returning Home

We are all children of the Universe.
Walking and living on Planet Earth too,
but that Earth too is part of the Universe.

What does that mean in practice?
What can that mean in practice?

It means that it is possible to live from the One Energy that embraces everything, that energy that is constantly dynamic, constantly inventive – the energy of creation itself.

Then you are part of it, and too, it includes you.

Then each moment you will feel as if the essence of life is within you, that you are a unique expression of it, that you are with ‘the true way of things’, that you are expressing your true nature, that you have arrived home. To where you and all things started.

‘In the end is my beginning’.

In Michael’s groups you are almost certain to get a taste of this, even if it is your first time. For others it happens each time they connect.

This union with the One is always so.
It is here now and for all.
It just has to be made apparent – this universal connection.

Michael has the gift, the capacity, to make you aware of this, your birthright, your actuality, your natural presence in the flow and expansion of what life is.

Find it, and there is bliss. Find it and there is love. Find it and there is beauty. Find it and there is peace, and contentment. Find it and you will laugh. Laugh and laugh. How had you missed it all this time?!

Game over.



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