Beloved Friends,

These days I find myself so often full of gratitude that we have had this wonderful gift of experiencing and practicing Michael’s transformative work over so many years and that we have got so many tools we can apply now in these challenging times.

Out of that I would like to share with you today an exercise Michael was introducing during the Winter Festival in Asolo 2013/14 which I find very helpful especially now and can be practiced whenever it fits.


The exercise is one of several which can be found in the little booklet 'The Secret Teachings of Michael Barnett'.

Also I am very happy to announce that from now on all of Michael’s various Meditations can be purchased in our shop as MP3 downloads too.

Sending much LOVE to you All



Laying Down the Line to the Divine

When you’re sitting quietly and watching maybe yourself or connecting with the Beyond, where are you centred? Do you have a place when you are sitting – standing, being? When you’re meditating, where are you? In your heart, solar plexus, belly?

Over the years I have talked and spoken and operated in response to or in relationship to cosmic energy, so a lot of what we explore is to make a connection with cosmic energy. Now, enlightened people have said many things about the state that they're in, and one that's quite common is: to bring the energy of the individual to correspond to, be in harmony with, or even united with, the basic energy of the universe.

I’ve said many times that all the beautiful states – as well as all the ugly states, of which there are many – that we can go into are according to the basic vibration that we are in that time. That is why people who are normally in a very relaxed state, or an okay state, then if they connect with a mob, or the Taliban, or some other crazy bunch of people, they find themselves vibrating at the same rate as the people who are involved in that setup, and then they can behave in the same way as the people who belong to that group of people.

So the states we're in reflect our behaviour, and if you vibrate at a certain rate, then you can behave according to the possibilities of that vibration of energy. And the same goes for the higher states – the states of bliss, peace, and stillness, and even a sense of union with everything. The energy changes because of what we do together in the seminars, you find yourself on a certain vibration, and going along with that vibration are the states I am talking about.

Also you may find that out of something that happens in your life, you feel very happy and full of joy, and so you move into that state. Or else you can change the level of your energy, and you will come to the same place without any reason like that which caused you to feel great because of an event in your life.

If we can change the vibration, then we can change the way we are, change the way we behave, change the way we relate, change the way we experience life... everything will change.

If you're not in a cosmic energy space then you are somewhere else, and then maybe you can be brought down under certain circumstances and act in negative ways. and then you can't suddenly jump into cosmic energy.

But then you can make an energy line, create an energy line between where you are right now and that vibration of energy that is the basis of the cosmos.

You can't jump up there, you can't just from a lower level lift your whole self up there, but what we can do is find an energy line from you to there.

When I sit here, I’ve got to be open for the work to happen, so what I do always, is keep the connection with the space I’m talking about through an energy line. In making a connection with something in space, a place personal to you, there emerges an energy line.

If I was really up there totally I wouldn't be able to talk, I wouldn’t be able to teach in a normal way. I could be in a space which is a teaching in itself. So the whole time that I’m in a situation where I’m not uniting with what is there, I connect with an energy line to that which I know is the source of all life.

So I want you all now, instead of concentrating on a centre in the body, or in your personal energy system, I want you to just cast your attention outwards, or sideways, and see if you can find a connection with something invisible and unknown and yet present for you, that you can also feel is the source of tremendous energy: and then feel something running along that line between you and that place.

That's how 'God' came into being for human beings... a sense of that something beyond.

A beautiful statement: a Catholic priest was asked by someone, “Do you really believe in God?” because so many people now do not believe in God. The priest said, “Believe in him? I touch him every day!”

That’s what I want you to look out for.

So I’m asking you: is there a place up there, out there, beyond you that you are somehow connected to? And can you make an energy line to it?

Once you've found an energy line, you can return to that energy line any time. You create a track, and then you can connect with that which is beyond. You throw your energy line out, you feel nourished, right away something starts to flow into you, saying, ”Yes, you belong, you are my child.” We are all children of the Divine.

Are you ever totally disconnected from your parents? I’m never disconnected from my parents, even though they're both dead now. Even if you forget about your mum or your dad, in a second you can say, “Ah mum! Ah papa!” You can do it.

So sit for a while and see if you can find your energy line between you and the Beyond, the Divine.

Turn away from your usual centre, turn away from your belly, your heart, your solar plexus, wherever your centre is in yourself – just leave it; don't throw it away, but just turn away from it – and cast your consciousness up and beyond and see if you can find a line between you and that 'something' up and around you in space.