12th of November, 2019.

Beloved Wild Goose Energyfield,

Last night, at 3:17 AM, Michael left this world for the Other Shore.

Here, so much sorrow. And a deep sense of loss.
And yet the timing of his death seemed to be of his choosing.
It was a bright, full moon - a significant, powerful time - and of course Michael's Sannyas name, Somendra, means Lord of the Full Moon.
And his close family had all gathered together that very evening at UNACHO.

Recent days have at times been challenging for Michael, and for many of us connected with him - a strong, ongoing process of shifting transformation.
But his final moments were peaceful and calm.
He had Mishka and several family members with him as he sat upright in his room, breathing softly.
In and out.
A final, gentle exhalation.
And then silence.

And of course, he is still with us.
Will always be with us.

He is now lying in state, surrounded by many loving friends and family.
For a short while.
If you feel to come and sit with him, to connect in some personal way, please contact UNACHO soon.