Dear Friends in the Energy Field,

quite an intense & challenging time we are facing.
Here is a Poem by Michael, written in the sixties:


Stay where you are,
No move is for the better.
Take no thought of what will come,
Stay still my friend, remain.

Next time you are by the side
Of a stream, watch its ways,
its manner of being,
how it moves
And yet remains.

And the stars too that travel at
Light year speeds, where they are
They remain,
To us, today.

Take no steps, my friend,
For they will lead away from
The end that is everything, and
Always was.

And it seems this is exactly what we are asked to practice moment by moment.

Last weekend was the 12th Full Moon since Michael left his body. It was a very strong and powerful moon night, special for many traditions because it’s said that the veil to the other world is very thin at that time.
For me it felt like a completion of a cycle – the first year with Michael being there in ‘new’ ways, which he was so often pointing to and was preparing us all for; A letting go process on many levels, the waiting and wondering what will come.
And parallel to what was going on in my little world something similar was happening on a bigger scale in the world … a stop, a not knowing what will be, a waiting in which direction to move – all feels like being in suspension.

Here we are still in the midst of clearing, clearing, clearing. A long process which needs time and has its own pace. Right now our main focus lies in sorting out Michael’s private library which has been growing over the years to a few thousand books spread all over the house.
The idea is to send for sure the hard cover plus a selection of the soft cover books to the UK to offer them to the public market there because here in Germany there is no big demand and interest for English books.
If you would be interested in getting some soft cover books from Michael’s collection, you are welcome to come and have a look. But please understand that we are not able to send any books.
And if you have some experience with book selling, the book market or contacts, which could be helpful in relation to English books and you like to support the big clearing you are very welcome to contact us here.
The house has not found its buyer yet, also here the external circumstances seem to delay the process a bit.

Our weekly Michael Hours continue to be important anchors in these turbulent times. Therefore I would like to make every Michael Hour available during this lock-down time now in November for all who want to & can join us in Extra Ordinary Space through ZOOM.
There is Tuning-In every Tuesday & Thursday from 19-20:00 h
and a Talk from Michael on Wednesdays also from 19-20:00 h.
On Thursday, the 12th there will be a special Michael Hour from 19:00-20:30 h
On this special day when Michael left his body, according to the Sun Calendar, we will have a Michael Hour in his remembrance with silence, Michael’s guidance, some exploration and his music.
Please register for each Michael Hour a day or two before by sending a mail to and I will send you the ZOOM link.

Looking forward to see you in one of these meetings.

Love & Light