Letter to The Energy Field

Wishing you all a joyous 2020 full of Love & Light.

Here in UNACHO we had a very peaceful & harmonious Christmastime in a small circle which was wonderful to have. After these turbulent & emotional weeks and months, the stillness and peacefulness which descended was more than welcome. So, the first Christmas without Michael’s physical presence was not, as I had feared, like falling into a dark hole filled with sadness and feeling lost. Rather the opposite happened – feeling him strongly with & in me, and even more powerfully the more I could allow myself to become silent and hand myself over to the grand mystery of Life.

A big & rich gift.

And exactly this feeling continued in these very special days between ‘the years’ – the 12 days from the 24th of December to the 6th of January, in German called the ‘Rauhnächte’ – in which the gates to the spirit world open wide. To honour that and to share in that together, a small group of, as it turned out exactly 12 people, gathered here and spent the time together, sitting in silence in Extraordinary Space, listening to Michael talks, doing Meditations, going for amazing walks in our beautiful surroundings here, having a bonfire, cooking together, and partying into the New Year.

We all were kind of just flowing along as one. How nourishing and enriching it all was! This was a beautiful & fruitful follow up happening for everyone here, taking place during exactly the same days we usually came together for our Winter Festival and enjoying celebrating the Work, Michael, and our being together.

I boarded the plane yesterday with very dirty shoes…. but with a heart full of joy. I travelled home with very similar feelings as I often had traveling home after the Winter Festivals – full of joy and gratitude, feeling blessed and filled with light. And it was so, just the same, yesterday.

I am refilled with this gentle and clear energy after the ‘Raunächte’ with you, I got so many inspirations and it was all part of a big heart, meeting, and party. Very precious.

Thank you all for that very special and so precious time! It is still going on and I am so happy, that I am one of this Round!

In that spirit I would like to continue to offer possibilities for all of us to come together, share in & practise the Work and, as always, invite Michael to join us as we open up to receiving some guidance from where he is now.

As Michael once said,
The fundamental aim of Energy Work is to bring human beings to a level where they can experience themselves as being part of the whole.
It is bringing people into a space where they can simply feel the Energy Field and become part of it and receive what comes to them in it.
The Energy Field that is happening is really an instrument.
It is really very vital that the Energy Field keeps going.
It has to be nourished, it has to be fed, the lake has to become deeper.”

This is what I can feel strongly and where my total passion lies. And as long as we have this beautiful place, I want to create opportunities for this to continue to happen here and would love to see them continue to happen elsewhere in the Energy Field.

So, from the 24th to 26th of January 2020 I would like to offer here in UNACHO
a Music & Silence seminar in the spirit of Michael.

Music is halfway there.
Silence too.
So, combined,
we look to the Buddhaland
to connect with us
And lift us over the next stretch
into Oneness. MB

For further information please contact us.

Next week the invitation letter for the special Celebration of Michael’s Birthday, on the 7th of June 2020, will be sent out by post to you all. Please make sure we have your valid mailing address if you haven’t been at groups recently, and let us know if you have not received anything by the end of January.