Beloved Friends,

Right now we are facing quite challenging times where it seems as if the world as it has been running for these past decades comes to a stop.
So many rules & regulations are put up – what we should do and what should be avoided.
Now is a time where we instead of fighting what is going on around us, can take shelter in the One-Space Michael has been pointing to and taken us to for so many years by tuning in to that space we have tasted & shared so many times in the seminars with him.


Some words from Michael:

So right in the middle of this turmoil of life which is full of dramas every moment, there’s a line of neutrality where you don’t react to what’s going on. You note what’s going on, you’re aware of what’s going on, you can’t change what’s going on, and you don’t try and change what’s going on. You don’t try and deal with what’s going on, you only have to deal with your response to what’s going on. You have to see what comes up, which is part of our whole history – not just our life history but human history – to do something about what you don’t like, and what hurts, what creates suffering, and it creates suffering because you say “No.”

I want you to realize, all of you, that there’s another world, apart from the world of you and your world. I don’t expect you to move into that world, but I would like you to know that it exists, mainly for the reason that you don’t get attached to what you call your life and your world.

When we get attached to it, we defend it against everything that threatens it, and we identify with it and then we’re locked into the identification, and we’re stuck. Now, I’m not trying to take your world away from you, but just to recognize that there is another world which works completely differently. If you find it and participate in it, then you will get your own life, as it runs day by day, more into a perspective of wholeness, and un-seriousness, and relaxation, and OK-ness, and you drop your strictness with your ideas and views as if they are laws, which they are not.

All this can happen just by letting yourself fall into the alternative world where you don’t really know what’s going on, but you know you’re present. This world is all around the world you know, and takes no notice of who you think you are.

What it brings is a kind of humanity to one’s ego. One tends to believe that the way one sees things is, if not universally the truth, your truth. Behind that is something more vital, out of which the reality of your self comes, and then it leaves behind where it came from, and identifies with the reflection that you are.

There is another world that is both personal and impersonal. People who have come to meet me in my seminars have tasted that other world many, many times but, in most cases, it doesn’t yet belong to them, and I would very much like it if, for many of you, it could end up belonging to you.

Apart from the beauty of the space, when you find it, if you’re in it, it is impossible to have any negativity towards any other human being – not just because in that space you are universal, and therefore it’s bound to include everything, including everybody, it is because that space has no negativity in it. It’s like an angelic space. I don’t mean that directly, because you all have a view or a feeling of what an angel is, but an angel is someone who cannot be negative to anybody else because it’s not in an angel to be negative; in that space it’s not in you to be negative. It’s not just that you are at one to a large extent with the people around you, it’s because you cannot contain negativity in that space. There isn’t any place for negativity in that space.

You can walk around, if you’re in that space, and you can take in all the people around you, and they are just there, and you are just there, and everything is easy and uncontroversial. In a way, you’re in a kind of heaven. Everything is OK.

When you taste it then you have your own experience of it, and it’s always positive. I can see that. It’s clear. But I guess for most people who have that experience, it’s a bit like being on some nice summer holiday. It’s a break from our interaction on many levels with our lives and the other people in our lives, but each time you visit that place, you get a taste of another life; not just what I call that other world life, but another life in you. Sweet. Easy. Simple, simple, simple. Straightforward. Lifting the heart and uniting you with life itself. And from there, we come back to each of our own individual lives – maybe not quite the same as it was before, I think. Some ground has been covered towards what I speak of – another bit of ground, and another bit of ground. Then, instead of being just another step towards that territory, we fall into it.

It’s like when the world began, civilization began, human beings began, and everybody knew where they were, where they were living – here, there, or anywhere – and that’s about all they knew. Then our ancestors began to explore what was all around them. They built ships, they travelled, they found places which were totally different from where they came from, and then the world became known. Now there isn’t anywhere in the world that we have not explored, and found, and settled in, so that’s over now. There’s nowhere left to explore. No more land. Now the moon is next – and who knows what after that.

For the world I’m talking about, you don’t have to take rockets – well, maybe you do. It’s a completely different kind of expansion. It’s almost as if the people who are interested in expansion can only see that kind of expansion so far in their series of lives. They can only see that kind of expansion now into the outer distance. I’m talking of inner distance, because all the universe they’re talking about is already there, in another form, inside us, inside you. I’ve explored it all my life, even when I was young, but do I feel I’ve found everything there is in me? Of course not, but I have found a different world, as well as the one that we share normally. It’s like an explosion into the universe, and at the same time, you’re just an ordinary guy. Limits disappear. ‘No limits anything.’


Since we can’t meet in person right now we would like to invite you to join our Michael Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00 - 20:00 h by tuning in to this 'Other World'. Let it nourish your system and fill it completely and then let it radiate out into the outer world, which needs it so desperately now.

Let us together with many, many other people all around the globe who do similar happenings strengthen this field to create a healing wave for the planet.

Because we had to cancel the 'Coming Home' group which was scheduled for this coming weekend, we will also sit in silence together on Friday and Saturday evening from 19:00 - 20:00h.

It would be so wonderful if many of you would join us in spirit.

Mishka & the OneLife Team