Beloved Friends in the Energy Field,

As you have probably heard, our plans to get together at Energy World to celebrate Michael’s birthday this year have had to be postponed to next year, due to the ‘virus situation’.

But of course we want to celebrate Michael’s birthday this year – his 90th!

Because of the current situation we are going to hold our celebration virtually, by using the Zoom meeting application (which is free and easy to install).

So, on the seventh of June, from 4 pm to 8 pm let’s all join together in celebration, remembrance and love.

The programme looks like this:

  • 16:00: Coming together, setting up.

  • 16:30: A classic Michael Barnett video

  • 17:45: An MB Meditation

  • 19:00: Tuning In: sitting in silence, then some music

Some breaks will occur where appropriate and all times are approximate!

We know virtual meetings are not the same as being physically together, but we have been surprised at how strong an energy field can emerge, even online. It has already been a joy to get together in our little team here every few weeks - and Michael feels very close.

As for the whole Wild Goose Energy Field… well, together we can reach the stars!

If the circumstances permit, perhaps the togetherness can be multiplied if some of us gather in small groups and join the online happening together. Several of us will be getting together at UNACHO and will greet you from the Extraordinary Space group-room.

The event is free, but we do need you to register with the following link:

We look forward to seeing you on the 7th!

Much Love, Anuradha, Tiago, Anjala, Sandipa, Mishka Akali, Deepen, Sukra and Kozan


What: To celebrate! And remember…

Who: Everyone in the Energyfield who feels to join together.

When: June 7, 16:00 to 20:00

Where: Wherever you are – hopefully with some Goosey friends.

How: By registering and then using the meeting app, “Zoom”, available on all devices, free, and easy to download/install.