Dear Fellow Travellers on the Path,

our beautiful and deeply touching happening on the 7th of June is still very much with us all here in UNACHO.
We got so many wonderful and most grateful feedback letters after the event from people all around. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Many expressed and confirmed my feeling that the energy of all present tuning-in to each other and the universal space connected us deeply on that level plus invited Michael in very strongly.

Here is just a little selection of the messages we got from all over the world:

Doing the meditation here in my flat on my own I felt so connected to the cosmic energy and to everyone else - amazing what can be shared on zoom!
Vipassana (UK)

Today was really special, an extraordinary way to connect through time and space.
Taisha (USA)

I was happy and touched very deeply, sad at times and very thankful.
The wildgeese will always feel like a family to me, so familiar.

Karista (DK)

Michael was omnipresent, my place was full of universal energy and we both, I and Aloa, felt the deep intensive worldwide connection.
Teresca (CH)

Thank you very much for the beautiful event in memory of our dear teacher yesterday. It was a deeply touching experience to be connected with the other geese in that way. The energy was very strong, as if we were in a group room, like in the old days.
Hachana (B)

What a big joy to meet all of you, thank you Akali, Mishka and the whole team. Michael's presence was touchable.
Anagama (D)

It was a powerfull event. I could feel again Michael and all of us together again.
Kwanta (CR)

Michael’s Energy Field, the Wild Goose Energy Field was vibrating strongly in our living room – even though it was the other side of the world. I could have been sitting in Extraordinary Space and not felt any different. Deep. Strong. Connected. Beautiful. Full of LOVE. Powerful.
Saranatha (AU)

We really wish to keep this energy alive! So it seems an obvious step to continue to offer possibilities to meet through ZOOM and live from UNACHO. For a start we will broadcast a live Tuning-In/Michael Hour once a month on a Thursday and two weeks later on a Wednesday play a talk from Michael. And you can join and connect from wherever you are in the world.
In the weeks in between Akali will hold his Wednesday Wild Goose Gathering evenings.

We also heard from quite some people that they sadly missed to see the Video-Talk from La Gendronniere we played at the Celebration. There‘s good news! We are happy to show it one more time on Wednesday the 3rd of July. So save the date!

Here is the complete programme for these coming weeks:

25th of June, 19-20:00 h, Tuning-In/Michael Hour live from UNACHO

03rd of July, 19-20:00 h, Video-Talk from 1993 in La Gendronniere

08th of July, 19-20:00 h, Audio Talk from Michael

15th of July, 20-21:00 h, Wild Goose Gathering with Akali

23rd of July, 19-20:00h, Tuning-In / Michael Hour live from UNACHO

We invite you all to join these happenings, reinforcing a strong and radiating energy field and with that to strengthen our connections, enrich our lives, connect & invite Michael in, and also contribute to raise the level of energy on this planet.

You can register for the up-coming Tuning-In/Michael Hour next Thursdays through the following link:

Our offerings will be for free but if you have the wish to contribute on a financial level we are most grateful for donations.
This you can do through the following link:

Sending you much LOVE

Mishka and Akali