Dear Friends,

It seems Autumn has arrived here finally after all these months of mostly beautiful sunny weather. There are more clouds around, the temperatures drop, as do the leaves in our garden.
Here in UNACHO we are now in the midst of a big clearing out, a letting go of material things which have been stored away in the basement and around the house, much of it already taken from place to place, country to country starting with the first Wild Goose community in Belsitostraße, Zürich. Tiago is here right now supporting in the decision making of what to let go – most of it – and what to keep, what a blessing she is! This is a deep process for us which stirs up lots of old memories – pretty intense but also a freeing and a clearing.

There is a nourishing softness and sweet harmony flowing between us all here living in the house. We have had quite a number of visitors in the past weeks too. It is always very beautiful to have the fresh energy which people bring coming from ‘outside’ and it is a very welcome support for us in this big task of clearing the Place.
The sale of the house is in process. There is no definite buyer yet, but a few people interested...
Maybe you feel drawn to come and help with the clearing of the space, as well as to bathe in the energy of Michael’s home base over so many years, which is so tangible still. We are very happy to welcome you here…

After a somewhat longish summer break, which was prolonged through some problems I encountered with Zoom, we would like to invite you all again to join some of the Michael Hours we are holding here every week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. This is an invitation to create a vibrating field, connect in the energy space, get nourished by opening up to the Source Energy which refreshes and refuels us and, through that we invite Michael’s essence in, of course.
The happenings we have had so far were profound, a deep silence was embracing us and Michael’s presence was strongly felt.

This is the schedule for October:

Thursday, 1st from 19-20:00h, Tuning-In/Michael Hour live from UNACHO

Wednesday, 14th from 19-20:00h, Audio Talk from Michael

Thursday, 29th from 19-20:00h, Tuning-In/Michael Hour live from UNACHO

Please write to if you want to join and then we will send you the link for accessing the meditation.

After I was asked by several people if there would be another Music & Silence seminar happening here in UNACHO, I finally decided to open a space for this seminar to unfold in October. The date will be October 23-25. For further information and bookings contact us here at UNACHO.

Also, Akali continues his Wild Goose Gathering on Wednesdays every two weeks.
In October the dates are:

Wednesday, 7th from 20-21:00h

Wednesday, 21st from 20-21:00h

Here is the link to join the meetings:
Meeting ID: 854 4938 6495
Password: 113388
All information is available in our Wild Goose Facebook group too:

Additionally, there is a new offering from Abava.
Every Monday evening at 19:00h he is holding his famous Body Flow sessions via ZOOM.
If you haven’t tasted one of his sessions, they are so rich, so inspiring, very recommendable.
If you are interested in joining please contact Abava at

It would be wonderful to see you in one or more of our offerings.

With much LOVE and big warm embrace

Mishka, Tiago and the Team in UNACHO