Wild Geese Coming Together in Austria

Finding Home


Once again Wild Geese came together at the seminar centre “der Baum”;
35 altogether, some from near, some from far.

Together we dived into the Work and into the many realms of Energy, experiencing again that we are all connected with each other, with everything around us, essentially being One.

Living and breathing between Heaven and Earth, representing a connection between them, contributing to the cosmic play with our human heart and our love.

Outside the grouproom we enjoyed the fantastic place, jumped into the pond, bathed in the warm sun and in the company of each other, relished the great food prepared by an enthusiastic and sweet couple, and sat around the fire and under the stars.

There is so much gratefulness and joy and excitement in me that we continue this journey and flight of the Wild Geese, experimenting on the way, finding new ways into it, discovering obstacles and treasures along the path, not knowing where it will take us - somewhere into the unknown!
Isn’t that great?

Much love to all, Sandipa

Here are the feedbacks we received from participants:

…es war Wunder...voll für mich. 
Weise ist nicht der Mensch, der viel weiß, sondern der, der tiefer sieht.
( A. Grün).
Und das können wir in dieser Gemeinschaft, in diesem Austausch erfahren, wenn wir uns einlassen. 
Wie schön für mich, dass ihr alle da wart.
Herzliche Grüße, Simitra

The Magic goes on!
Again this goose gathering was fantastic! It is of course always a joy to meet my Goose-friends and make new ones, moreover in such a wonderful energetical place. This time again, such a loving, caring and respectful atmosphere, associated to the very strong Cosmic Energy connection created by the team and the group, built up such a beautiful and safe place to enable being truly authentic and supporting the healing. This enabled me this time to dive very deep inside, maybe as deep as never before. Behind some “daily life” strong emotions, I could contact old and strongest rejection emotions buried in my cells. I could face this wound and went through the pain and sadness without avoiding it anymore, and could let go. Suddenly a flash: "Yes, the upmost rejection attempt has taken place, but it failed! Yes, I AM HERE and well ALIVE". Gratitude to all Geese present! And hope to meet you again soon.
Much LOVE, eXamO

It has been a very special precious coming together.
My hope/intension is always that we as sangha intensify our energy so that Michael can reach us and work with us.
And he did.
And I am so grateful for him opening my eyes again for my lack of trust, my lack of surrender.
And very grateful to the sangha – to all of us.

All love, Jila

Again the Wild Geese-Gathering was a strong event based on a strong place: "Der Baum" in Austria.
What I find especially remarkable is the fact that Non-Wild Geese participants gave beautiful feedbacks in the final sharing round; they also felt a "Coming-Home" and "Family" during the seminar.
And they were equally part of this strong Energyfield and felt fully integrated and at home.
And that's why I am pretty much sure that the "Wild Geese Community", grounding on Michael's work, has a lot to share with everybody interested.
So, it opens up.
A tender growing takes place.
What a delight.
Much Love, Supora

Gratitude has been expressed, friendships renewed, spiritual energy was present in abundance;
I was bathed in the communal energy, renewed I return to everyday life.
Love Mecca

Beloved friends and companions on the path,
Getting up the morning after our Coming Together, Tao walking through my beautiful garden, mind quiet, a ray of light descending from heaven, through the body, into the earth - the realisation of how truly, truly blessed we are to be part of the Sangha, part of the Energyfield, part of the Cosmos, part of the Divine.
When I say 'part' it sounds like there's a duality - but it's not.
We are One - One Mind, One Soul, One Heart, One Life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you - to all and everyone being part of weaving this precious field that bestows on us the honour to experience and realize this One Truth, again and again.
All love

Das letzte Goosetreffen im Seminarzentrum der Baum war schlichtweg
herzöffnend, vertrauenstärkend und in Frieden kommend mit sich selbst.
Dazu Jasons Place, der sich so wunderbar romantisch in die
oberösterreichische Landschaft vor Kirchdorfs Bergen einfügt.
Gefehlt hat mir dieses Mal Jilas Mantrasession. Ich hoffe, dass das künftig
auf der Session To Do Liste steht.
Love Sataranga

This time it was different. While all the beautiful, amazing things were there – great sessions, strong Cosmic Energy, deep inter-connectedness, and much Love – from the start it was clear that we were going to delve into some of the stickier, more difficult aspects of life.
Catharsis. Opening up about personal struggles. Some sharp feedback. All were present. And these things – undeniable, vital aspects of human existence – made the whole experience stronger for many. As a group, a Sangha, we faced these things honestly and with respect – and with love. And indeed, the affects are ongoing, ripples continuing to radiate through our lives.
Love, Kozan


Finding Home is sensing the Love and the quality of Home

Of the known taste and smell of the Home-energy

Staying in the centre of your Love and Heartspace

And letting go of all the ugly things

In looking at these presents on the path

Grateful for the pain to bring the message and the insight

We are in the divine and have ever been

And now, with every cell we catch up

To make wonders possible

The next Austrian “Coming together” will happen from
Thursday evening 4 April to Sunday afternoon 7 April 2024.

Information and booking: sandipa@dabsch.at