Dear Friends,

Wishing you all a blessed & luminous New Year.
May what we went through in this last year work like a reset for everything, in order to bring forward new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. This will allow us to create together a world full of mutual respect, compassion and benevolence towards each living being including Mother Earth.
As in nature, stillness and inner contemplation have also spread here in UNACHO. In this silent, sacred space we find light and love, which helps us to face up to these challenging times.
At the same time, something has changed for me with the winter solstice. I can sense a new sprout which carries something new inside it, but it’s not yet possible to grasp what it will reveal. What is still called for is patient waiting, with curiosity, openness, and alertness.
Last week we started again with Michael Hours here in the house. After this break over the festive days, I was astonished about and grateful for the amazing strength and energy which was present during our sitting together.
For quite a while I was indecisive about whether I want to continue to offer the Michael Hours to everybody through ZOOM. But after this supportive experience last week, the decision is clear that it is important to make it possible for everyone who wants to, to join them. Also, the general situation with the looming happenings in the USA, as well as the continuing worsening of the Corona situation seem to ask us to come together this way. When as many people as possible tune in to what connects us, to the higher, the luminous, we help spread peace, compassion and love in the world.
The Michael Hours will happen every Tuesday & Thursday from 19:00 -20:00h. We will sit together in silence with some music in the later part. Now and then I will play a talk or an exploration from Michael.
Let us see what wants to unfold …..
What is important is that everybody who wants to join should let us know at beforehand, because it could be that sometimes a Michael Hour will not happen.

And to finish, some words from Michael from the book 'With It':
When you are with your true nature, when you are with the light, there is no more suffering. And what suffering you had before that, what kind of suffering, is completely irrelevant. Because all suffering comes from ignorance. All suffering comes from wanting things to be other than the way they are, the struggle against what is. And when you reach home, you are what is. So then there is no more struggle, and so there's no more suffering. Things are what they are, and you are part of it.