Journey to the Inner Sanctuary

Dear Wild Geese – Beloved Sangha!

We would like to invite you to a special Winter Event at a very special place.

Terra Selvatica, near Assisi in Italy, has a powerful energy of its own, a place of strong nature and beautiful hills, a place where Heaven and Earth melt into each other.

We will join together there, from 28 December to 1 January, and during those days between the years step out of time and create open space to explore and simply be in.

It’s an opportunity to live as a sangha for a few days, flowing through the day together, preparing meals, doing meditations - all with awareness and connecting with the spirit of Michael and his Teaching. With the help of the cosmos and our ancestors we can connect with our inner healer and its natural intelligence and wisdom, journeying to the Inner Sanctuary. And throughout, Cosmic Energy… all around us, moving through us.

We will also visit Assisi and meditate at the retreat of Saint Francis in the woods on the mountain.
And of course we will celebrate the New Year with music, dancing and laughter!

There are very limited places at Terra Selvatica, and only double and triple rooms are available (no single rooms). Three to five people can stay at Mayadevi and Shintai’s place, a beautiful Wild Goose Energy Centre close to Assisi. Please let us know soon if you want to come – latest by mid-November – so we know if we need to book extra rooms in places nearby. Write to:

We want to remind you that we have several Goosey happenings coming up:

  • Energy Group with Wild Geese in Flight (Indro, Akali & Kozan) together with Mishka in Belgium, 9-11 February (contact Jila: and Galaya:
  • Energy Group with Wild Geese in Flight together with Mishka in Denmark, 2-3 March (contact Om:
  • The next Austrian “Coming together” will happen 4-7 April (contact Sandipa:
  • Hachana, Dharmaranda and Matanda will hold a Wild Goose Gathering in Belgium, 17-19 May (contact Matanda:

We look forward to seeing you and being together soon.

Much love, Sandipa, Akali, Mishka, Anuradha and Kozan

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