News from UNACHO


Beloved friends and students of Michael,

We are happy to offer a beautiful new book, Wild Geese Zero-Returning, Journeys into the Known.

The book is composed of personal stories by people who have been close to Michael, each of them answering the same question: “If you could say only one essential thing/contribution that Michael Barnett has brought into your life, what would it be?”

This invitation has inspired a great variety of responses, all of them sharing a uniquely personal experience and history with Michael, describing events happening from approximately 1980 – 2019. Also the book contains an introductory interview with Michael, made by Daivika and Josha in UNACHO October 2019, and an interview by Josha in January 2017.

Originally based on an idea by Sebanta, then working as Michael’s secretary, Daivika and Josha took over the project and brought it to life, happy to share it with everybody. The book is available in our online shop where you can get further information

With love,
your OneLife team