Dear Friends in the Energy Field,

last week we had another leg of the current OPT8 here with us in UNACHO and we would like to share some of it with you.

This year’s OPT has been challenging, to say the least, and COVID 19 brought us yet another opportunity to step out of our usual way of doing things. Not that there has ever been a usual way, but because of the way that the virus has spread, different countries are at different stages of releasing lockdown, so the latest meeting of OPT8 was partly held at UNACHO, and partly held via Zoom!

We were not quite sure how it would work, but our experience with Michael’s birthday Zoom meeting, and the meetings that have happened since, gave us the optimism that we could at least give it a go, and so spread over four countries and three time zones, we jumped in.

We started with a talk from Michael, ‘The Game We Play’, which, as usual, was just right for this occasion. It was always clear, to all of us, that we were the lucky ones, to sit at his feet and be able to hear the teachings that came through him. But to hear his talks, now that he is no longer with us physically, somehow brings home just how privileged we were. And are.

Those teachings and the space that Michael taught us to connect with, and through, underpinned and facilitated our whole meeting, and reminded us what an amazing gift that being able to engage with the energy space is.

The sharing sessions worked well, as did the structures and meditations we did together. We as a team had to be creative to apply the work to what was happening in the grouproom as well as what was happening for the ones at home.

Our explorations took us to many fruitful places.

So did it work, this strange way of holding the training? For us the team it certainly did. And below you can see what some of the training members have to say about it which reflects the general essence of our days together:

‘Thank you, once more, for these beautiful and intense days that we spent together, and above all thanks to the powerful Energy Field which is so efficient and without border’.

‘Until we did the work on our third chakra, I often had the feeling that I don’t exist. I was trying to relate to the Zero dimension, for many years, but often had doubt. Now I can clearly see that dimension I was missing and suddenly it fits perfectly … this experience has the capacity to change my life’.

‘I want to thank you for giving me a path to walk, and not a form to conform to, and because your teachings are always so full of joy, power, and love, that to me it is impossible not to jump in it with all my heart and self’.

On the Saturday evening after a delicious dinner there was a beautiful bonfire celebration with music, singing, drumming and togetherness.

This was, in all likelihood, the last time that OPT will happen at UNACHO. Therefore the house team joined us in the grouproom in one of the last sessions, also to meet the ZOOM-OPT members and together we had a last dance.

There may be another seminar there, but within the coming months it will be time to let this beautiful place that has served us so well, move onto new ownership. This of course also means that the house with all its beautiful items has to be emptied out. Mishka would like to encourage you to visit and stream and spend time here, while you can. Additionally there will also be the possibility to acquire some small or big items to take back home with you and with that bring back the energy from this place where Michael has been living and working for many many years into your own homes as an energy gem.

Once the house is sold it is time for the Wild Geese to take flight and welcome a new chapter, and new beginnings.

Speaking of taking flight, during Michael’s many years of teaching lot’s of books have been published, in the past often in big numbers. They have been stored in many places and countries, over the last 16 years in the swimming pool under the grouproom. Now it is time to spread them in the world for free because the value lies in the words which carry the spirit of Michael’s teaching. Priya had a beautiful vision of Michael’s books taking flight, around the world, through us all taking them and placing them in cafes, on trains, in bookshops and giving them to friends. If you feel drawn to help this come into reality, please turn up with extra space in your bags or cars, when you visit UNACHO, and help us release them into the world like doves of peace looking for a new place to land.

The first lot of books went already with the members of the OPT.

Here is a feedback from one of them just after her return:

Back in Berlin “P. is picking me up from the station. I have a phone call with D., she wants a book from Michael. P. also wants one. My sister phones, she wants a book too. Oh but I have taken only 4 books and 2 are for 2 women from my meditation class! I hope I am allowed to pick up more books from Denzlingen…... My neighbour is ringing the doorbell, he brought eggs from the village. My english neighbour discovers the flat tire on my bike and is pumping it up, this he has never done before. I am surprised and ask him if he would teach me better english. Of course! I offer him a book from Michael in english…. So many beautiful moments, so many gifts. …. What a day! I see only beauty, I sing and dance with the beauty also within….. I feel amazingly free. And I would like to help in UNACHO.”

New possibilities were brought into the light, in the final round of this OPT session.

The members of the current OPT asked us if we would offer something like an OPT graduate course, open for all who have completed an OPT. We are delighted to find a suitable frame for that.

Bodyflow also worked very well on Zoom, so a programme for that was requested, and will be starting in the coming weeks. It will incorporate many of Michael’s other meditations, too. So there is very much to sort out, organise and look forward to, and we are looking forward to explore this new world, together.

Mishka is also looking into offering maybe another Music & Silence seminar in UNACHO in the autumn.

Of course the regular Michael Hour/Tuning In sessions and talks from Michael via Zoom will continue, as well as Akali’s Wild Goose café on Wednesday evenings. New dates will be posted soon.

Finding the best way to keep Michael’s work available will also be explored, once the move from UNACHO has taken place.

With much love

Tiago, Mishka and Abava