News from UNACHO

Dear fellow travellers on the Path,

Once again some lines to keep you in the picture about how the work has been shared here in UNACHO over the last weeks and what is planned to happen throughout the year here in UNACHO as well as in the Energy Field.

We had a deep, profound & beautiful Music & Silence seminar happening here at the end of January.

In these seminars we all focus together on the exploration of who and what we are through being in silence with sometimes music added. The process is asking you to plunge deep into yourself, no distractions there, leaving the world aside, to find a truer authenticity. Getting to know how we are functioning and, through that, finding a more true and authentic way to be & act in life.

Michael said, “There is a sense of the goal in the air, drawing everyone towards it. It is really a journey to the heart of the soul.” You get in touch with your essence in all its ease, freedom & simplicity.

From Supora:
This is my feedback to the most precious Music & Silence Seminar on this weekend. And I would like to give it to the Wild Goose Energy field:
In presence and in silence in UNACHO I found the room in me where Michael met us all. Again and again. The space Michael opened in us and where we meet each other and can celebrate it.
Fascinating, how I can go on from the point Michael worked on me last time. The work goes on, the path goes on.
The silence fell on us, the small group of participants of Music & Silence. And with the music we celebrated it.
It is there in UNACHO and in us and in gathering together.
And a great Thank you to Mishka who invited us for this celebration, leading the group through silence and music.
Much Love


At the beginning of February we had our current OPT8 coming to the house, working on birth issues and the effect it can have on our lives.

Abava wrote the following report:

My dear Beloveds,

The snow storm that greeted me, as I walked down Hauptstrasse, from the railway station, was in stark contrast to the warmth of the greeting that I received when I arrived at UNACHO. It was my first visit since Michael left his body, but I needn’t have worried – his presence is felt throughout the house, and as I sneaked downstairs for a quiet sit in the group room, the strength of his energy grew palpably stronger, until standing on the threshold it felt like stepping into a session with him.

There were tears, and a sense of gratitude that he is still so strongly felt, which slowly gave way to a feeling of trust that he is simply still here to guide us. And so, in typical fashion, it was straight into work and a round of meetings – time to catch up energy field news, house news, personal news and time to prepare for the training.

Most of the Laughing Buddhas have elected to continue with OPT, and this gathering was for our conscious birthing weekend. It is deep, powerful work, where the trainees explore the history of their birth and the circumstances around it, with a view to exposing any patterns that still affect their lives and transform them in a positive way. There are sharing rounds and Mishka’s pool sessions to open us up and slow us down to the pace of the womb, and then there are the rebirthing sessions, where the participants get to decide which aspects of their birth, or life, they want to explore and take that into their session.

It is remarkable work, and the feedback is always inspiring and humbling. ‘I’ve never screamed like that before!’. ‘I realise that the struggles inside myself can have a dialogue, and become something new and powerful’. ‘I need time to process my birth, but I can feel that it is beautiful and empowering’. ‘For the first time, I feel like I have truly been born!’. ‘I feel that I can take this work into my daily life, to experience the joy of living – even when I am cleaning the toilets!’. ‘I experienced that I could have limitless experiences with people that would not have been possible, before’.

We finished off the weekend with the Michael Walk. He had been with us, all the way through, but now we were able to take our new born selves and experience the world fresh and new, and without expectations. A beautiful gift, for us, and a tribute to him – Wild Geese flying across the sky, leaving no trace.

One thing that Michael often said is that ‘You are entitled to the work, but not the fruits of the work’, and that ‘The work is the most important thing’, and so it is that we are called to keep working and keep sharing the gifts that he brought into this world. Of course, we are not able to do what he could, but we, and many of our fellow Geese, have found that when we gather together, the magic is still there in his work, and now is an opportunity for us all to mature and evolve the work and his energy field. And in this spirit, we would like to offer some opportunities for us to come together in a variety of different ways. You will be welcomed, and able to feel the same love and connectedness that we have shared over the last four decades with each other, and with Michael. It would be great if you felt pulled to come and join us. Below you have the overview of the various seminar offers from Tiago, Nabi, Mishka, and me.

We finished our OPT adventure under the full moon, the third since Michael moved on, to the other shore, and as I write the winds of change are blowing outside, rattling the window panes – they are blowing through each one of us, and the energy field, too.

Safe landings to us all.

With much love
Abava, Tiago & Mishka


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