Dear Energy Field, Beloved Wild Geese,

first of all we want to wish you a Happy New Year.

We are delighted to announce that the Wild Goose Gathering is going ahead at Energy World this year! We will come together from the afternoon 26th to morning of 30th June.

Uncertainty is the name of the game these days, and we know that every plan exists alongside some uncertainty– especially large group gatherings. Still, we are determined to go ahead – call it an act of protest against the tyranny of the times! Just imagine a flock of shiny, happy Geese all coming together in joyful celebration!

When our team recently met on Zoom, we realised our vision of the event had changed somewhat. What was originally more of a memorial and tribute to Michael on his birthday has become a little different: it feels more like a reunion for us all, more of a celebration of Michael’s work and the Energy Field – which even if less obvious is for sure still here!

It feels like we are closing one chapter and starting a new one – re-connecting to honour the past and opening up to the future.

The programme will be a mixture of meditations/workshops and hang-out time. Some structured, direct energylines, and some spontaneous, meandering energylines. Bodyflow, Tuning In, dancing, sitting in silence, laughing, playing, wandering in the beautiful nature there – the full Wild Goose spectrum. And perhaps something new!

Please save the date and encourage all your energy friends to join us.

We will soon send you details for booking accommodation etc. If you have already booked accommodation, please confirm (or cancel) your booking soon.

It would also help us tremendously if you could give an immediate response to this email if the gathering appeals to you, so we can feel the pulse in the Energy Field and begin preparations!

Please send all responses and questions to Mishka at

With Love

Anjala, Akali, Anuradha, Deepen, Kozan, Mishka, Sandipa, Sukra, Tiago