Dear Energyfield, Beloved Wild Geese,

These are certainly strange times, with unseen occurrences and shifting energy-lines – we hope you’re riding the current chaos as best you can!
Alterations, cancellations, postponements – the globe is awash with them. And caught up in this maelstrom of delay is of course our Wild Goose event for Michael’s birthday, originally planned for last year.
While things could be said to be looking up as far as the pandemic goes, it seems unlikely that everything in Europe will be running smoothly by this summer. Or at the very least, we simply cannot predict how things will be then.
Very frustrating. Having already postponed the happening, we are disappointed. However! We feel that such things are timeless, and perhaps after so long an absence between so many of us, the coming together will be all the sweeter!

So it seems wisest to hold our Happening next year, when, almost for sure, travel and such will be back to normal. We plan to get together, to celebrate Michael and his Work – and being together again! - at Le Domaine du Fan (Energy World) from Sunday 26th June to Thursday 30st 2022.

We are sorry that this is how things are - but what to do? The universe is shifting things around beyond our control even more than usual! And who knows?
Perhaps our getting together will happen in ways that could not have happened otherwise.

With Love

Anjala, Akali, Anuradha, Deepen, Kozan, Mishka, Sandipa, Sukra, Tiago