As every blossom fades
and all youth sinks into old age,
so every life
’s design, each flower of wisdom,
attains its prime and cannot last forever.
The heart must submit itself courageously
to life
’s call without a hint of grief,
A magic dwells in each beginning,
protecting us, telling us how to live.

High purposed we shall traverse realm on realm,
cleaving to none as to a home,
the world of spirit wishes not to fetter us
but raise us higher, step by step.
Scarce in some safe accustomed sphere of life
have we establish a house, then we grow lax;
only he who is ready to journey forth
can throw old habits off.

Maybe death’s hour too will send us out new-born
towards undreamed-lands,
maybe life
’s call to us will never find an end
Courage my heart, take leave and fare thee well.

Steps by Hermann Hesse


Beloved Friends,

This poem by Hermann Hesse has touched and accompanied me throughout my life.
It has given me comfort and strength to face new beginnings courageously.

And such a new beginning lies ahead of us all still living here in UNACHO
- my beloved son Abechy, Simitra, Sarito, Amarila and myself.

Yesterday, the 22nd of June 2021, the contract was signed for the sale of the house. The date to hand over the keys is the 1st of September. The countdown has begun… and there is lots to be done.
On one side, I have been praying and hoping for this to happen — a heavy weight has been taken from my shoulders.
Still now, with the actuality of it, a process has started which brings up sadness about an era coming to an end which was the main focus in my life, besides my family, for the past 31 years. It also brings up some fears, of not knowing where my inner calling is leading me, of maybe getting lost or drowned somewhat, and some fear of ending up in loneliness.
And again, the teaching Michael shared with us is of such a help and support in this for me.
By turning inward, letting the mind with its hundreds of wild thoughts become quiet, resting in silence, I am connected quickly again with the light, the SOURCE, with a deep trust, and an alleviating sense of handing myself over to the bigger flow.

So, we shall see what the coming 2 months will bring. One thing is certain — we will be very happy for some supporting hands, especially strong ones, because there is lots to be shifted and moved.
So, if you would like to come and support us in this closing phase of UNACHO, we are more than happy to welcome you.
Since we are clearing out the house completely, the accommodations will be getting more and more simple.

In the process of emptying out the house, we are dissolving the Wild Goose Card register Michael has kept since he started to give Wild Goose Names, which involves a photo of the person with the meaning of the name, the date of the name given printed, and the handwritten name by Michael on the card in A5 format.
If you are interested in getting your card, you can send us a prepaid envelope and we will send it to you. Otherwise, all the cards will be shredded.

To end this letter I would like to share a poem by Michael:


Letting go
Going a little over the edge
Finding the crazy diamond within
Allowing one’s usual patterns
and habits to be broken
Being put through it
Coming out – lighter,
more joyful, more alive


Sending you all LOVE & Light