Our Wild Goose Gathering at Energy World (Le Domaine du Fan)

What an amazing time we all had! Around 75* Wild Geese and friends came together at Energy World in the heart of France to (re)unite, share strong energy spaces and of course remember Michael and his Work.

Many of us spent years living there or visiting regularly, and it was the centre of Michael’s work for over 4* years. The place is still vibrant and deep, and it took no time at all for us to sink into the space and reconnect with the powerful energies that are undoubtedly present there. Likewise, it took no time for old friends and lovers to fall in love again! 

From Zencha who lived many years at the place:

There were so many beautiful encounters with old friends.The "old" geese recognized each other immediately. Such a joy to see each other again. To feel the heart connection. We were together again. With friends I walked old familiar paths.

Saying goodbye always means appreciating what has been. It was nice to share so many memories before we on the last day scattered Michael's ashes and sat together in silence. But there was also a space for difficult and unredeemed things, in conversations, in the fire, in the water, under the trees.

We cried together and gratitude filled us. Happy to experience this together.

Especially wonderful was seeing all the “Wicked Angels” (those who were children at Energy World) together again. They re-explored all their old haunts and provided a unique presence – as well as generally running the bar!

The 3 (4?) “Generation 2 Wicked Angels” also immediately clicked with each other and had a fantastic time, enjoying the freedom and the nature that Le Domaine du Fan offers.

Those for whom it was a first visit were deeply touched by the strong presence of the whole place and immediately felt like members of the ‘family’.

From Examo:

"There is no word to express my gratitude that this event is taking place. It was a huge pleasure for me to realize that even after a 3 year break for me, with the group and team, the field, the resonance were clearly there and did their " Job". Michael wasn't there and yet he was so present. Michael taught us the moment, so we found the eternal moment again.

All in all, our coming together recreated an intense and powerful Energyfield, reminiscent of the Energy World of the past but also fresh and unique.

Anagama wrote:

Past and present merged, age didn't matter, timelessness. We were just us... wild geese who had headed for their beautiful old gathering place. I felt the connection to space very strongly, just like I used to with Michael. Immediately in the group sessions, as if there weren't 25 years between them. This connection is always there anyway, but not always felt so strongly at home.

On each of the three days, we held four sessions, with a wide range of meditations and happenings supervised by many different people, showing the diversity and flexibility of Michael’s Work as it moves into the next chapter. Every session was very strong, with most people joining all the sessions, and many said they felt Michael was very present – as if they were on a Michael seminar, something they would not have believed possible before.

From Supora:

This time we were ready:

To create the wave in ourselves.

We did not wait for him.

We just heard his laughing.

The Laughing Buddha.

Gone with the wind.

Underneath a vast tree.

So blessed we were.

As we realised that we don't have 

to wait for the Master

to do it for us.

We, the Community of Wild Geese

found it.

It has always been there. 

And will be.

Catching the Moment.

"The one who finds the moment

finds the eternal moment"

A peak moment was the ceremony of scattering Michael’s ashes beneath an ancient tree in the castle garden.

We also scattered Priya’s ashes under another tree near where she used to live, and forming a big circle together, called out the names of Wild Geese who have departed to the other shore over the last 20 or so years.

From Genkano:
The ritual for Michael and Priya's ashes was very touching and harmonious, great that the community and the nature of the domaine could give it such a dignified space.The sessions were all consistent for me and, despite all the differences, always connected me with the space and the work that we learned and trained with Michael. The group room is still very filled by the energy of the Energy World times.  And anyway it is beautiful, offers a lot of space and has a great sound system. 

In every break, at lunchtime and in the evenings people hung out joyfully together, either in the bar,
where spontaneous parties were celebrated, or outside on the terrace in the sun or under the bright stars. And of course, on the last evening we once again had one of our legendary discos in the group room!

It was an absolutely magical event, and tears and laughter were in abundance as so many of us felt the love and connectedness with each other, with the place and with Michael. For sure we will all remember this happening for always.

For Jila it felt like: 

An oasis where we meet in total respect for each others path

To refresh our connection with the source, in love and gratitude.

our energies merge and get so strong that it opens a channel for Michael to come in.

We let Him move our heart, as so many times before...

We Team members were pretty blown away by the happening. Sure, we put a lot of time and effort into the event, but the way everything simply worked out to perfection on so many levels was amazing - and clearly nothing to do with us!

Such a beautiful and inspiring event calls out for a follow up! The Team is already looking into several possibilities for an event (or maybe even more than one!) for 2023, and we have found the most difficult thing is finding the right place - many of the best places are booked out up to two years in advance! We will of course continue seeking, and we would also welcome any suggestions you may have about places to hold an event, big or small, next year.

Love and Energy from the Team