Swallows In a Room

Taking the things as they are, can anybody here visualize this world being in peace? It is as bad now as it ever was, even the peace-loving Buddhists in Burma are killing. There is no group of people who cannot be tempted to kill for their beliefs – unless you have no more beliefs. If you have the truth you have no beliefs, as long as you have beliefs there is a danger that some situation will be created in which you feel you have to live your beliefs to such an extent that you will destroy anybody who threatens them. The truth is not a statement, it is not a belief that is right and all the others are wrong, it is a state of being where you are one with all things – if you are one with all things you cannot really be against anything or even for anything, you are not in that duality anymore.

2015-10-07T18:36:11+00:00October 7th, 2015|‘Talks of the Month’ from 2015|0 Comments

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