“I don’t mind leaving my mind alone”

to get back to my Zen quote: “If you leave the mind alone the mind will leave you alone”. Take that as an absolute truth, although it may be still just a theoretical truth for you. So let’s put it this way: your mind will rule the roost, or sit on the throne, as long as you let it. Then the question comes, “Why, would you allow this troublesome, tantalizing, ...interfering mind to sit on the throne if you have a choice?” Given that you have a hidden choice, why would you do that? Why would you do that!? I mean, you have said a lot of negative things about it, but underlying all your negative remarks about the mind something in you believes in it, allows it to sit on the throne. Why would you do that? Guess!

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Delimiting the Mind

Good Health Seminar UNACHO 5th of February 2012 ...One feature that both the physical, medical, curative point of view that Anuradha has being explaining to us, and the spiritual point of view which I have been sharing, have in common, is the process of resonance. I remember, a long time ago, reading about the birth of life, the coming together of all the various contents of organic life, how some of them simply met, as if by accident; but there was one element, whose name I've forgotten, that was missing. Under normal circumstances - as this was being explained - [...]

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