First up, we want to inform you all that the great Talks (11 of them!) from the Winter Festival in Asolo are now available in booklet form under the title The Secret Teachings. Michael’s son Kozan did all the transcripts, and then Michael added, for the booklet itself, some amazing and beautiful energy drawings. So this can now be ordered by sending us a mail, price €16. Or pick it up at one of the coming seminars…

Secondly, we want to inform you all that the Winter Festival will be held again this year in the same place as last year – where everybody really enjoyed it: the food, the accommodation, the atmosphere, the people on the place, the surroundings…

It’s just by a famous old village, Asola. And not very far from Venice – to which last year many people flew, or travelled in some other way, and from where – and afterwards to where – we organized a shuttle bus.

So for the keen ‘Venetians’ there’s a chance also to visit this charming unique city either before or after we meet for our End-of-Year time together.

Next up: Varuni is moving very soon from Langebæk in Denmark. She will take her Blue Butterfly Centre with her to Copenhagen itself and develop a centre for her wonderful work there in the city.

Finally, next up for Michael, after his weekend in Switzerland, is The Enlightenment Circle, to which a number of longstanding and energy-potent Wild Geese come every year – and again this time.
There remain places open. It takes place here at UNACHO from 2-5 October.

The OneLife Team