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Not Waiting For Godot – Spiritual Work

'Talk of the month' November 2014 Darshan UNACHO 5th of November 2014 15th in the series ‘Classic Times’   Does anybody have something to say or ask? You again? First he looks around to make sure nobody else wants to go first, but maybe you will speak for them all, I don’t know. Last time I answered you it took the whole darshan, maybe your answer was helpful to everybody so maybe it is not possessive to ask again. So I will consider your question, decide whether I want to answer it or not. Chanha: Over the time [...]

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Love is in the air

A SWISS AFFAIR: 19-21 SEPT 2014 A BLOG Extraordinary. At the Peak. In Wilderswil, surrounded by peaks. But our Peak in the room was everywhere. In every cubic cm. In all of us. For me it was gate gate parasamgate: gone, gone, gone to the other shore… On Saturday the sun poured down, then on Sunday morning it was the rain. But energy poured down throughout. Full mostly of old Swiss friends, like Barusa, who was my Carer back in Swiss Auenhof days, then in Baden-Baden, and then my secretary again for a while in MANDAH, in Freiburg. Acharya who was [...]

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September 2014 Newsletter

Wild Goose Energyfield A September Newsletter First up, we want to inform you all that the great Talks (11 of them!) from the Winter Festival in Asolo are now available in booklet form under the title The Secret Teachings. Michael’s son Kozan did all the transcripts, and then Michael added, for the booklet itself, some amazing and beautiful energy drawings. So this can now be ordered by sending us a mail, price €16. Or pick it up at one of the coming seminars… Secondly, we want to inform you all that the Winter Festival will be held again this year [...]

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The Still Point of the Turning World

  Hamburg 5-7 Sept 2014 :: A Blog Back at the Beginning of Time – or so it was for me, and it brought everybody else there too to a greater or lesser extent…bringing amazing happenings… It’s easy to be there, again & again at the very beginning of it all, since there –where that place is, still always is! Time being an illusion! – as the MB biography title says (and not only there, it’s part of the Teaching…) But it’s also very very difficult because of all the weight lying between the place from where we usually live [...]

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OPT3 – OneLife Personal Training 3

So we set off, two days after the end of the Summer Festival, to meet at UNACHO, to launch the new Training, OPT3 – this time with 21 members, plus 3 more to join us next time. This time from 9 different nations, and this time with a preponderance of Germans – 8 of them in all. We Guides and Teachers were the same team: Mishka, who missed the Summer Festival this time, Abava from England, ditto, Tiago and I straight from the great Summer Festival in Parimal, along with 15 new OPTers, there as part of the new Training… [...]

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The 2014 Summer Festival

A Blog Now in the midst of OPT3, looking back – and it seems quite a long way back – I have to try and marshal my here-and-nowness to dig into those past 6 days. Well it was at Parimal, the sannyasin community, again, for the 3rd time. There were around 60 of us, and we fitted pretty easily into and amongst the residents there, more so this time than before, and this interaction increased when one session was opened to the residents there, and 21 of them took advantage of that and got their taste of our Energywork and the places [...]

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The Destiny of a Name

   I am going to give three Wild Goose names now, spiritual names, to people. They are numbers 5861, 5862, 5863 (laughter) – stretching back thirty years now. I think – one day this week it is the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of the Wild Goose Company, in Switzerland, and names started to happen soon after that. But even the people who get their names now, actually it still dates back to that time. The train has been running and you have just now caught the train – this is how it works in life.                  I am a great believer [...]

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Onelife Personal Training (OPT2)

JULY ’13 – JULY ‘14  A BLOG21 people from 11 different countries: Switzerland, Ukraine, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Austria, England, France, Germany, USA. (And only one German! Remarkable! As it all took place in that country, and it’s where I live too.) So we were perfectly international. And yet we ended up all from one tiny village – in cosmic reality. What did we do together throughout this long time? Well you could ask the participants and you will get lots of answers… Or as I said to one participant, when she said, amongst other things, that she was grateful for all the [...]

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Nobody is My Name!

Seminar in Munich 20-22 June ‘14 This came after the seminar in the post: Beloved Michael,  I am so happy that I could be on the group in Munich.  Always pure grace to be in your presence.  This time in particular I enjoyed every moment, every drop of the “juice”. I recently realized that it´s almost 20 years now that I got my name from you, and this was probably the best group ever.  Much LOVE Then this: Beloved Michael, after Group München. I have a feeling like oneness. With the energy field. And people around me. The separation - [...]

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EEN Summer 2014

Now starts the “Wild Goose Summer Season”, quite special this year, as we celebrate the 30th birthday of the Wild Goose Company, which took birth during the summer group in Switzerland in 1984. So surely we can expect a special Summer Festival again at Parimal, the sannyasin commune with its special celebrative flavour. As usual, there will be a session where the community members are invited to participate, which is always very enjoyable. We can also look forward to another meditation concert with Shintai and Mayadevi. And last but not least, the Saturday Night Disco Fever Explosion… The Summer Festival [...]

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