Hullo Everybody! Hello Energy People, Life People, LOVE people!

Today, as I write, here in Denzlingen it is 20º. I sincerely hope it's like that wherever you are too. Should give now a boost to all the spring flowers - up to now a bit slow in coming, though some trees around here are ablaze, stunning pink blossoms, bushes on fire with yellow blossoms, the usual early spring flowers, the wild ones I see on my walks, all just for starters.

So far this year in our meetings we've had twice a Love&Beauty leg, an OPT leg, a WOSP, seminars in Bremen & Prague, blogs out on them all, including mostly quite wonderful feedback from those attending, so a great kick-off to the year.

A number of New Teaching Talks and activities came out of these seminars. Best of them perhaps are: Just One Look and We Are In Love, about our relation with the ultimate source - this from Love&Beauty. The BigTrap, about identification, this from the WOSP Group, and then the latest, from Prague: Time Out of Sight, about our true relationship with time - and timelessness. Then on top came the new 'Michael Walk', described by those who have received it as a Master Key.

Coming now our trip to Portovenere, in Italy - such a beautiful place to spend a few days with (mostly) our Italian friends, who take such good care of us when we're there, and always a Big Treat on Sunday night at a famous restaurant on a nearby island.

Then just a week later we have here at home, as usual, the Easter Festival, always cosy and with a high easygoing energy, meals hopefully again in our garden, and lots of reunions too.

We hope to welcome you to this Happy Gathering.

Then, later in April, Berlin and first up in May is Detrapping - again! After several years without one, except for the wonderful Detrapping in France last September on the invite of Josha - 16 high-powered bosses and executives each with 'a problem' and each getting a new way of tackling it too (to be repeated this year). That's how it always was here - revelations! -when I had regular Detrappings, but then the response from the Energyfield became less and less so I dropped them - though I loved them and delighted in how they showed members a way out of what seemed like blocked and (almost) insoluble life situations. So now I offer one again - maybe enough people want to come and enjoy the richness of them and the revelations obtained.

Then in May, after my usual ride up to Denmark, comes, again here at UNACHO, another Music & Silence. They used to be a regular feature of our program, and very popular, then we let them go, since some years. Now it goes into a new cycle - 4 days of wordlessness and energy space and intermittent music to give extra power and some direction - inner & outer - to the power of oursilence. Perfect for some.

Then we are into June - and the One Spirit Festival in Freudenstadt and then soon after Mishka& I are off to the USA for our - now - regular seminar at the wild ranch in Santa Fe.

Finally, we want to let you all know about a special 6-day group, Sun in the Heart, to be held in Corfu, from 29/4 - 4/5 in 2018. Initiated originally by Disiray it was conceived as a sort of extra group for Love&Beauty participants but we are also opening it to all senior Wild Geese. It will be a mixture of seminar sessions and also free time to enjoy the island, and of course the beach. The hotel where we will be staying is situated right there on the beach and is known and recommended by Disiray as a suitable seminar place for us. Bookings and Applications and Further Information via Mishka, please. The last time we had such an event in Corfu was in '86 or '87, Belsito days, but then later there were a number of such events of course in Bali.

Please all note, those with Wild Goose necklaces, that the proper order for the symbols is once again X-1-0, not 01X as it has been for a while.

Let's hope we can all make great strides on our spiritual paths at this time, so many people writing to me, especially in feedbacks after groups, show that they are on the leading edge of experience that can flow into the Enlightened Space. That is my hope, and already my delight & my joy.

LOVE Michael

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