Back in 1973, just around the time I started doing evening groups in my small apartment in Hampstead with a dozen people, I did a couple of weekend groups with an American called Jacob Stattman.

Jay worked with psychofantasy in a fantastic way - he was the best, and I had some tremendous experiences and insights through these times with him.

Later we became good friends, even co-leading a couple of groups together in Holland. Later on he married and moved to Ibiza to live, and there I visited him for some great exchanges. By then I was involved with Osho in Poona.

Later I learnt he had had a heart attack in the middle of one of his seminars, and died. As good a way and time to go as any, I'd say...except that he was still pretty young.

In one of those early seminars, we in the group split up into partners, duos, and an exchange was done along psychofantasy lines. On my turn in that duo exchange I was involved with a roulette board, the ball jumping and tossing around until it at last fell into a sector and there it stayed. The number on that slot was 01. Not ten, but a Zero with a 1 underneath it, the reverse of 10. Afterwards us duos all came together and we were asked to share what happened during 'the ride'. When I shared my own trip there were many different interpretations offered of what was meant by that 'non-existent' number, 01. Then Jay came into it and said, 'Stop guessing! Michael will discover later in his life what is meant by this symbol."

And of course so it was. The Zero and the One - and then the X - which is the unity of the first two. The Zero (the Universal Energy) becomes the base of life, and  the One, the expression of it in daily life.

And so it is in my seminars, once the search for and the connection to that Zero became the main feature of my seminars.

Finding that Zero, as many of you do many times, has to be first established, but that does not solve the world problems, not even your own! Not by a long way. So the Work is to connect with that wonderful perfect timeless energy (with a big laugh and a celebration) and then get down to facing - and hopefully solving in the best way possible - the problems and situations life brings us. And that can require quite a different skill, but a skill that the Zero space can help you find more easily than on the level of the One itself. (That's how DeTrappings work.) Still, as long as you don't retire from life and sit in and simply enjoy that Great Space, that work and application in daily life is endless. Endless because all around us are people who present to us situations and confrontations, and any working solutions have to include them too!

So that's what lies ahead for us all in 2017!

The new 2017 Seminar Schedule is now out on the website, so take a look and see what draws you. I'm just back from my annual group in Belgium, this time with more than 70 people, including 15 new and non-Goose people, so I had many from them, plus some children, and an unborn baby, to find names for at the end. The participants filled the grouproom to the four corners of our space, and the very strong energy generated by us reached everyone. There too we have the very welcome bonus of an extensive and comfortable bar in the evenings for people to mix, which they very much do, and on the Saturday evening I was open for short visits to my table there from anyone who cared to come - which they did, for several hours, more or less one after the other, including a number of the new people. Whilst all this was going on in Belgium, here at UNACHO there was a leg of the current OPT Training going on, with Tiago, Mishka & Abava – Mishka taking the great water 'Oneness Mediation' in couples at the local thermal bath, and then following it up here in our Extraordinary Space grouproom with extraordinary rebirth sessions for all the trainees, sessions that were a complete knock-out for everyone there, including the Teachers. (It's shocking to realize that all that experience around our birth process, including, often, great pain and suffering, remains in people all their lives without ever getting clarification...) People at the end were looking, in fact, reborn. Once again OPT is proving to be a winner, so comprehensive in its approach and program.

Next up for me is Berlin - first visited by me for a seminar in 1977, and then, since 1980, on my return from Poona, returning there at least once (if not five or six times, long ago) every year; and then after that, here at home at UNACHO, comes the Enlightenment Circle - always very special, so do join us for that if you can. After that, Mishka and I are off to Australia for a couple of weeks, beginning with a weekend seminar in Perth, then some 'stays' here & there with old friends, and of course some sunshine and sea at what will be the peak of summer down there, but we'll be back for a Family Xmas here at UNACHO, followed by The Winter Festival, Love Is In The Air!

May many of you join us there to celebrate the ending of this year of grace and the beginning of the next!

Then to kick off 2017, at last Love & Beauty meet up again, then in February there's another 'home group' with a new WOSP, for those in love with silence and presence, or at least drawn to them. Those who come always delight in it...

In 2017, again, some ‘new’ groups, all here in UNACHO.

In May we have a Music & Silence, an old and regular favourite from some years ago, very successful too, then also in May, a 'home' DeTrapping – our recent very successful 'export', now made again available to the WG Energy Field, and may 16 of you take advantage of this offer to solve your grinding insoluble problems! Then in October an entirely new group, Mind & Body, about ways to unite them so they live and move as one.

So, My Best Wishes to You All for 2017.

And may we in this time meet and dance together many times in the Universal Space...