Now starts the “Wild Goose Summer Season”, quite special this year, as we celebrate the 30th birthday of the Wild Goose Company, which took birth during the summer group in Switzerland in 1984.

So surely we can expect a special Summer Festival again at Parimal, the sannyasin commune with its special celebrative flavour. As usual, there will be a session where the community members are invited to participate, which is always very enjoyable. We can also look forward to another meditation concert with Shintai and Mayadevi. And last but not least, the Saturday Night Disco Fever Explosion…

The Summer Festival also welcomes the OPT3, a new group of searching souls, ready to merge into The Work.

Then in August, a new X-Run, the 7th, will start. Who knows, it may be the last. As soon as you feel, “Yes, I want to be part of it, this is for me,” please apply for a place on this most senior and intense of all Wild Goose spiritual programs…

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Wishing you a Goosey Summer,
The OneLife Team