The next OPT will start in July 2019 with the Summer Festival

OPT is a further development of the Wild Goose Energy Trainings that have been organized with great success and strong positive resonance over the last 30 years. Like the above mentioned trainings the OPT aims to encourage and empower the participants to open up and to confront their feelings and needs, forming the prerequisite to get in contact with cosmic energy and universal love. By doing so the participants experience love of life, harmony and stability, incorporating them into everyday life. As a participant of the past OPT3 puts it: "OPT is a great opportunity to start my life from the beginning in a new way. OPT opened me in every way. I have never felt so much love. It is like a miracle. I could not imagine that spirituality is like this. Now I can see that life can be fun and joy."(Mahaya)

This special training program is an invitation, a great opportunity for all - regardless of whether they are already seekers or spiritual people, or whether they "actually" just do not want to be dissatisfied anymore, but rather happy. Many people feel that there is still something to experience beyond everyday life, something to be discovered within themselves.

OPT focusses on Michaels energy work. This includes meditation, bodywork and detailed feedback rounds (sessions) where everyone can openly express his or her state of mind,receiving competent advice and support. This way individual issues and problems of each participant can be addressed. Mind and body, soul and spirit are approached and engaged equally during the process of self-opening. Blocks and solidified routines are illuminated and worked on at all levels. All the graduates of previous OPTs as well as the participants of the current one agree that OPT provides an ideal framework for unlocking and developing one's full potential - for example self acceptance, rising up to one's true size and time and time again loving this wonderful yet difficult life.

Three great, wonderful trainers and Michael are working side by side with the participants to turn this effort into the greatest possible success for all. The trainers are intimately familiar with Michael and his work and also tried and tested in holding seminars. Nevertheless each of the three is a strong individual with special qualifications. They are tirelessly dedicated and devoted when it comes to leading or accompanying the participants through upcoming processes.
Michaels presence and authority as a guiding spirit are experienced in all sessions and ensure the success of the work described above. One participant of the current OPT writes: "I am full of love as I have never been before. It is a miracle. I am deeply thankful to Tiago, Mishka and Abava. And what Michael is doing for me is so great that I have no words for it." (Emanoa)


The trainers on Michael’s team

Mishka, Michael’s wife for more than 20 years, mother of their two sons, Madi & Abechy. She brings to this personal training her total immersion in Michael’s work over the years, often as an assistant. This has led to her creating a new kind of energy work: Healing Movements, which also comes out of her involvement with Tai Chi, Qi Gong and her work in the water (Aqua Wellness). Plus her great learnings of the processes of Biosynthesis, a body-oriented psychotherapy education developed by David and Silvia Boadella that she has been following for five years and which provides another approach to the human condition to supplement the direct approach of Michael’s work.

Tiago and Michael have known each other for more than 30 years, including a period of being partners. She has supported Michael in many ways over that time, also in his seminars, and more recently has been running whole Trainings herself, both Energy and Diamond Yoga Trainings as well as Personal Trainings, in England, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine, as well as running regular groups of her own in various countries. She brings a thorough knowledge and intimacy of the Energy Space as well as a very direct way of working with people on their blind spots and ego protections. A gift to any Training.

And thirdly Abava, from England. He has been Michael’s UK seminar organizer for many years, co-trainer with Tiago on her courses in the England, Czech Republic and Ukrainian Trainings, assistant to Michael there too, taking even some sessions, as well as running groups and evenings in his native Bristol and other English towns. He brings a great knowledge of the workings of the body, which comes also in the form of body therapies such as Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release.

Seminar Fee: € 2800.-
More information & Booking: OneLife


The OPT8

Laughing Buddhas

When you get it, when it happens,
Then like many who have got it,
You just laugh & laugh.

Here it is!
And here it always was
Even before you found it.

And  it’s clear to you too 
That it’s the natural state.
Always was.
Just waiting
To be found in the clouds.

Clouds now gone.
The sun shines
The light shines
‘All is clear and open sky’*
You have come home**.
Where you belong.
Game over.

* from the poem Buddhas of All Time in the poem book: This Other Cup of Purple
** Coming Home, the title of Michael’s next Supergroup starting in October 2019