23 Fires this week in 23 Holds.

The heart is the seat of the soul.
The soul is the beat of the heart.

That's how you know how you're doing...

Heart exploration then, early on, becoming the impulse for all that followed...

A Zen Talk, The Perfect Consequences of Saying Yes.
A real MB-old style Beat-Up "Beating them into Hell and bringing them back into the big Yes." (Tiago)

Yes! Yes! Yes! - one of the Big Motives of our week together.

Which included as usual the Tao Walk in the countryside, and then the feedback stories afterwards - so many of the participants finding a new way to be, to be in the world - with the rest of the world.  So simple, so transforming, so amazing, so glorious.

Then the half-day and evening 'off 'into the 'market-place' - as we always give. As it was dead hot, many went first to the lake, and to the nude section too. For some that was a shock, there was resistance - but they had all learnt about the Way of the Yes, so they all tapped into that. And loved the jump - and then the feel of the water on their naked bodies. Then in town later, groups somehow met up and dinner happened there together with many...
and everyone said they had such a great time - together.

The Tree Meditation - one I love, came, and became a motif of the whole week - the 'treeness' of our presence, from earth to sky - and back:

The Tree is true
And so are you
if you can feel
The same as she
That you are free
To feel the life
As it is born
Each day anew...

First part of a poem from the Eighties, also a song - on the CD Summer Rain from Dokusan.

Some of the original explorations from the Meditation Manuals coming spontaneously out of what we were working on, establishing new insights, awakening sleeping energies...

The participants becoming like a string of pearls, all together in their individual realities, yet too such closeness and in such a flow, unity!

Then as usual every morning at 06.30, Bodyflow with Abava - but not only! Always some additions, new experiments with this original basic cosmic meditation, involving exchanges with other participants, on both cosmic and worldly levels.

Then Tiago with one of her supreme encounter sessions - for those lagging behind!

Mishka also using 'the tree principle' in her work connecting the body with its roots, with the sky, and the heart connecting with the place of Joy. This resulted in them coming together miraculously like trees in a forest swaying in perfect harmony.

We Teachers really appreciated the Openness, Willingness and Availability to our Work with them and its Challenges, throughout this whole OPT5 Training. Exceptional.

There was at the end much gratitude from the participants for what they have received.

In many I could now see, there before me, what I had seen in them (but hidden) on our first meeting. (As I can.)

A great Union of Togetherness was 'stand-out' also in this group of OPT5-ers. And the Home Team of helpers and cooks were totally harmonious with 'the state of play' throughout the Training. 40% of them were from previous OPTs, 5 from this OPT had also participated in one of the previous OPTs, and 2 or 3 will join the upcoming OPT 6 too, and some from it will join the Team here for it. So clearly this OPT Work we do really does work.

Behind the scenes we 4 Guides on the Training were in great harmony - we meet in the breaks after every session, and share views and responses - the other 3 are in all the sessions, I only in my own, but the feedback on those from which I am absent are really thorough so I am also with it all from start to finish.

So included were constant guides to connect both with the All, and with Oneself and one's life in the world too.

And then - one last question: Please tell us about 'surrender'. Well, I consider myself, after my time with and then without Osho, a bit of an expert on that. Who is the one who surrenders?  That's your true Master - or it was mine.

So now we prepare for our annual Summer Festival, You Are The World in Parimal. Then also comes OPT6 - we already have a good crowd of great people waiting for this to imminently kick off, but there is still time to join  - and share in its multiple dynamics!

LOVE from us all.
Michael & Co