I didn't really do this group. The cosmos did. I was a sort of participant too. So we didn't do together much of the usual things - no meditations, no talks whatsoever, hardly a word spoken during this time together, except for Q&A at the end; the cosmic energy filled the room throughout so what happened was an offer to all there of a continuous cosmic connection, and everybody tuned into that wonderfully well. There was just a constant flow amongst us all, session after session. All very soft, too.

Indro writes: It was all trans-harmonic, without words, without meditations, it has been so cosy, loving, calm and relaxed. What a beautiful group! We were dancing all together in the cosmic energy. Such a pleasure! Lots of Love

Silence is fulfilled emptiness - this was a marvellous experience for me! LightandLove, Amari

>From Jila: Thank you for the wonder of your love. Bringing joy into the lives of so many of us. On my way back home now, and living this other great pointer: 'each  moment is equally important'.

And from Shanti:  The sun was shining - the birds were singing. Empty sky. A very soft and light energy throughout. On my way back home I felt more 'out of context' than in a long time - still do. As if my whole system had a 'big bang' - disconnected and then connected again in a different new order. Hit by the power of your energy work and teachings once again. A miracle and a precious gift.

Whilst I was in Leuven, Mishka was holding a dance workshop in Prague - with 27 people. She enjoyed it, as did everybody else there. A very nice resonance for us was that we departed from Zurich at more or less exactly the same time, and even from gates next door to each other. Then on our returns on Sunday evening to Zurich, despite the cancellation of her flight, and so she had to get back via Vienna, we landed in Zurich at exactly the same time! And then drove home from there together. Some marvellous pics of her were taken in her group - by a professional photographer, who was there. One of them you will find here now in this blog.

And today is Mishka's birthday. We go to Basel to see the Picasso Exhibition on show there. At the weekend we drive down to Italy, for our annual group there in Portovenere - such a beautiful little town on the sea there. And some people will come to join us from the far north...

Then, for Easter, we welcome you all here, for our annual Easter Festival, hopefully with the sun too.
The blossom on our two cherry trees, right before me in the garden as I write this, are blazing in their whiteness, the garden is full of flowers we get ready to embrace all those who come, here in our home.