A new place to meet, a place where many people (30+) work as individual therapists, pictures of them all around, and the boss around too almost all the time when we were there, a good connection made, "Come back anytime - you have 'good cards' here", says he, and liked the books too, a lot.

The group room though, a bit on the small size - which may have contributed to the unusually quiet time we had there; but also the energy we had together was like that, holding us quietly and serenely together.

Tetra writes: This time rather Zen teaching than a juicy meeting in joy. The stillness brought up what was down. The pot of emotions was stirred. Helping hands around supported the trust to let go so that healing was possible.
A huge thank you for your love, joy & wisdom, your never-ending passion to teach us...

That deep stillness is what the Universe brought us this time and I surrendered to it...

Ramado writes: Outside, Berlin was bitterly cold (I wish for one in the spring again). Inside, narrower in the room.
How was it? Easy...unspectacular... actually indescribable
...beautiful...LOVE...Pure LOVE indescribable in its fullness, too, with our Goose-Family, just to be together in space. Music, again & again it touches me deeply when I see & feel how my music tips (my biggest contributor of all to my 'symphonies of group music', since a long time) resonate in the groups, incredibly too.

Tarima as always set the whole thing up with her regular care and love, our connection close and running
now for many a year, what a record! Disiray has taken over from Astari as 2nd in command, also as my chauffeur, and has moved into it as if into a new suit!
(Meanwhile Astari confesses that she now misses her old job...)

Back there again in November, hopefully before the new winter cold, to my close Berlin family once again.

And whilst I was there, Mishka was in Kiev, running a seminar - of course she has long contributed sessions to our OPTs but this one was her first whole weekend seminar alone. Dance, body and soul work it mainly consisted of. 32 people came to meet her there and check her out! And all loved it, and her, and had a great time. They said she had brought the body into the realm of consciousness - much needed in these heady times. So may it be the first of many in the WG Energyfield.

Next up is the Easter Festival here in UNACHO. Home ground. Then our annual visit to Italy - though twice there this year with also a new one in Milan in October -
then here at home again with the old favourite Music & Silence, and then the holiday seminar in Corfu at the end of April. May the warm sun join us there.

From a beautiful clear blue sky here in Freiburg, I send you best wishes for a spring of joy and celebration, and also for the birth of new fresh energy in us all along with the rebirth of spring's nature - once again bursting into fresh life.