Berlin Seminar :: A Blog

Once again, a title given to a seminar many months earlier, proves to be exactly right at the time. Time being an illusion - on one level (that I'm also on!) - this is not so very surprising...

For my entire stay in this great city, both in the group and outside, I felt like that - a kind of human bottle of champagne - which was flowing through me from earth to sky continuously and was bottomless...

So being present there in the seminar room, with the other 42 people, was more or less all that was needed.

The room was only just about big enough to contain us, so anyway we were somewhat confined, but - at least until the Personal Energy Sessions on Sunday morning - that was no handicap at all. Just for me to be present, to wander slowly around the room - or not, both with great music and without, was enough, enough to link everyone else there to the energy flow running through me and into the whole room we were in together. It was miraculous. No direct visible link from me to them, necessary. We were all drenched, as if (dry) rain was pouring in over us throughout.

From Korali: Astonishing - the whole. Also like being for the very first time in one of your seminars, all was unknown, fresh and new, and everyone in a flowing soul-colour of his own, but deeply connected - all. And that 'uncorking the energy-champagne' talk!

From Tetra: Wonderful days, precious, sparkling, intense. A true feast! There was an incredibly deep wide inner space, stillness. A silence that filled me up, made me feel so blessed, and lifted me beyond my personal space into a state for which I cannot find the right word.

From Sandipa: Sunday, the first session with the music you played, I felt like in a cathedral and all was full of light, but different from in a church, where only the priest is entitled to have a talk with god, here we were all entitled to find the divine inside ourselves, and outside in space too, with you handing out manna to everyone...Thank you for all, in and outside the grouproom, and also for the fun we had, every moment with you is so precious to me. And yes, Saturday night together at dinner in town was a pure delight, and often hilarious too...

From Anagama: The energy of you and the wonderful people in the room mixed with cosmic energies were incredibly beautiful for me...and so strong the connection to most of the participants. Thank you from my deepest heart.

And from 'newish' WG, Somani: Thank you for being here with us, helping us to recognize ourselves in our depth, to bring us in touch with our original self. Thank you for helping us to reveal, what is already in us: peace, silence, vitality, delight - becoming free from fear and worry. Love

And finally, a mail from a newcomer, confirming his new spiritual name: I thank you very much for your work, which touches me deeply in my heart. You have led me into the room I can describe as being my home. Yes, I was at home inside my house. I feel great gratitude that I have followed my impulse to meet you and I thank you for your open arms. You gave me a new name which I accept in honour and dignity and bear it deep in my heart in connection with the universe. I send you from heart to heart width, warmth, light and love and the confidence in the power of the bondage to the true heart.

So hopefully these mails I quote (in part) and share do give some indication of the very special nature of this latest seminar in one of my 'home towns'.

An additional strong feature there was the immaculate work of the team: Tarima, as always - with, these days, such a great presence. Disiray: committed and tireless (and also a wonderful city driver - always a plus for me). And Genkano, who gave to his job 100% attention all the time. And also my latest Berlin Translator - my daughter Wu Chi; she's bilingual of course - but also nice to be in another sort of team with her!

Next up for me, in just a day or two, The Enlightenment Circle, with so many old friends coming - a fitting ending to the year's regular seminars...Of course in December there's still to come another leg of Trees & Rivers, and then, after our Family Party here over Xmas, on to the Winter Festival, called The Kiss of New Life - so maybe, once again, the title given many months ago fits us all once again, and sets up all those there for exactly that: A New Life - as we move into the New Year, 2019.

LOVEtoYouAll   Michael