So they came, from Zurich, Berlin, Munich and Copenhagen, many of my family – all my children, that’s 4 daughters and 3 sons, also 3 mothers: Nimai, Myoshin and of course Mishka, also my grandson Aranta, and 2 children’s partners. So slowly we congregated.

Also here for this time were Amarina, Sana and Mecca.

We all don’t meet so often, my family, mostly at Xmas, some but not all perhaps on my birthday, other times too here & there, for me – and the girls meet up from time to time too somewhere or other, and the 3 from Zurich of course meet quite often. Anyway, here we all were and happy to again have that great way of being together, because we are not only family in the normal sense but of course in the energy sense too – two daughters having done an Energy Training, Aranta from the next generation is currently on OPT, son Kozan has for a long time been a participant in the WGC, and very active too, and the mothers living and working for ages in the Villa and Energy World so it’s all family time, and energy time, par excellence.

As usual Nimai was in charge of the Xmas dinner – on the 25th of course according to English custom! But everybody tuned in to what was needed over these days.

As usual on Xmas night it was charades – at which Kozan, the king of the game, said we all get better every year; then most of the kids got into a new Chinese card game Kozan brought called The Three Kingdoms, a  l o n g game which kept many of them up all night, including young Abechy, till 6 am.

And my two eldest sons, Kozan & Madi, both fierce Arsenal supporters, joined me in watching our team win on Boxing Day, the 26th, to stay top of the Premiership and so add to the festive season for us all.

We had a tree, some gifts, but not so many as usual – we had agreed! We took walks in the crisp December air – and we had, as always, a lot of fun, a lot of laughter, and a whole lot of sweet closeness.

Next day on the 27th we had to abandon most of the kids as we took off for the Winter Festival, Kozan and his Allaina with Mishka and I in our car, Aranta with Akali who came to the event as an assistant, to set-up the music and microphone system, and do the necessary jobs and assisting during our days there - driving there and back the whole way too.

All of which led to marvelous days for those who were there: see the Winter Festival blog that follows…