Bremen Weekend Seminar :: A Blog

This was such a great group. Which I really enjoyed so much. A lot of that enjoyment came to me because all the people in the group were enjoying it so much!

We did something very different in each session, and each time it was clear that all the members of this group got showered with sparkling wine and were radiant - and totally in it.

And how they all came together! And stayed together throughout. In the breaks there was much exchange but it all sounded like one voice.

An amazing unity from start to finish. Actually beyond finish. When we did finish on Sunday late afternoon, I waited an hour in my room before leaving with Judah for my flight back home, and then when I emerged for that, almost the whole group was still there, chatting away, and waiting to bid me thanks and farewell.

One odd phenomenon: 1st session Sunday the group people were in small groups, taking turns to be in the centre, moving energetically and then to music, and as we switched from one person to the next, every time people fled to the toilets for a pee. During that one hour or so I guess there were more than a dozen flights to the bathroom, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time. A mystery.

There was a smart little talk, Freeing Geese, based on the famous Zen koan, The Goose is Out, including my own personal history with this, and then the Q&A, named The Enlightened Somebody, which includes my latest teaching that it's always somebody who gets enlightened and then he or she does not disappear. But marches on - somewhere!

You can get that this feeling of unity and great receptivity was general from the mails I have already got since arriving home:

Every session seemed to be a jewel on its own. I opened, wider & wider, till there were no more borders. Fragments of compressed energy in an ocean of living energy - astonishing!

Not to lose a second of your presence - a subject of conversation in the breaks. The flow between all of us...the new people too. And then too the sunny blue sky.

So thank you for sharing all that unbelievable love with us. May the whole world pray for your steps in this world.


Fantastic seminar, especially I liked the couple and small group explorations. There was a fresh wind coming in, which at the same time was familiar. And every time we step out - reach somehow the place above the clouds - there is - happiness, joy, celebration, the meeting of souls.


Thank you Michael for being in Bremen and sharing open space with us. Thank you for opening doors for me - thank you so much for everything. Kamala

How joyful, blessed and grateful it felt being with you in Bremen again. Yes, infinite souls we are and always will be. What a great group we have experienced with you in the open space full of possibilities. Warm and lovingly we all joined together - more and more as one. Thank you very much for all the wonderful gifts out of the resonance field of your being and work. And for the inspiring energy drawings which enrich my daily life. Barathi

It has been a wonderful but also an exceptional group in Bremen. It was as if it had been predicted for all of us to meet there at that place at that time to go deeper into the work with your guidance and presence and wisdom. As if we had been called to be there with you. One unit. One love. Each moment was filled with the divine and eternity. I feel blessed. With deep love Raymondo

It was dreamlike. A visit in Heaven. We were many, in a small room, but it didn't feel like that. We opened our hearts and souls to you and melted into your Love, into Oneness. Your gifts make me feel so alive. Jila

And from Saranta: I am so grateful for this amazing weekend with you and the group in Bremen! Each session was about being with what is, alone and in communion with others. Be natural, be authentic, as we were trained for this in the 'Michael Walk'. This is so beautiful, go with the energy, no purpose, total relaxation. And in the groups of 4 at the weekend it felt like being totally sheltered and secure, like a fetus swimming in the mother's womb. Feeling myself, feeling connected with the others, feeling one with the space - everything was available, nothing was needed. Pure beauty. In the last energy session on Sunday I found myself standing in an amazing energy stream, my hands moved and touched my body and I saw that healing happened - by itself, nothing to do actively, just receiving what was offered. When you came to me and worked with me it was an additional gift. So now I am back in my daily life - but changed, still in resonance with the group and these beautiful experiences.

Lastly, from our new WG, Tariqa: Thank you for seeing me behind the curtain. It was a liberation. It was a very intense weekend. An incredible blessing for me to connect with all those 'foreign' people in this intense and intimate way. It seemed to me as if it had never been different. The name you gave me fits. Everything fits. I hear God speaking to me after so many years. When you held me in your arms I felt the connection I had longed for so many empty years. A being of pure loving energy that lets me merge with myself and everything that is behind the curtain. It was like coming home.

In addition, in Bremen it was carnival time, and also Werder Bremen were playing at home to Stuttgart in the

Bundesliga, so the whole town was charged up too!

So it was a happy return, Mishka met me in Frankfurt, dinner there with our friends Kali&Boaz, a night there with them at their home, and then next morning a visit to my daughter Buji, and her 16 month old daughter, Ela/Pietra, for breakfast, also joining us came Madi, from being deeply into his studies for his upcoming exams at the University there. A great family reunion for us all.

Soon off again now to Prague, followed in the new March by a unit of Trees&Rivers and then the new spring seminar in Belgium, always well-attended, always a delight.

I wish you all a good stretch now into the coming Spring,

and plenty of good times, to go with your cosmic energy connections!

Much Love from me to you all.