The first - Friday - evening we were all pulled into the South Pole of silence and stillness like never before, anywhere.

The whole of Saturday morning there was Deep Energy Surgery (Tiago's description) for everybody.

What kept running through my mind was a statement in Shakespeare's Macbeth, by Macbeth, in response to Lady Macbeth goading and inciting him to murder King Duncan who was an honoured guest at their castle, so that Macbeth could succeed him as king. Macbeth responded, "I dare do all that man may do; who dares do more is none."

Well, I thought, then my name is 'None'. I can let in the cosmos, share it with others, and which of course is far more that just 'man'...

During the group a theme was - not to be just 'in the moment' but in every moment - which is just 'next door'. In the timeless. Real, for me, at least...

The steps up to the grouproom were 77. Not so many as in Portovenere, and only twice a day, not four times, but still for me a test!

Dinner in the same Italian, where the boss is such a lover of ours! When he greeted me with his usual big hug, escorting me to our long table, he said he had had for a week, back pain and could I help him? Later we went down into the basement of the restaurant, in the chaos there, but there was also a sofa, and there I gave him a 10-min session...

Quite a lot of sun, we had there, but the usual cool wind too. Well Cops is a great city. I'm always happy to be there, and as usual I took the chance to meet up with my 'Danish daughter',Titian, on the Monday morning, and then she came on with me from there to the airport and my flight back to Zurich.

Korali, my Hamburg organizer, came up for the group, and wrote me later: It was DELICIOUS! - the whole, from the beginning to the end. And the Danes, the team and the participants, the mood they were in, so natural and smooth. I loved every single moment with them!

It was 'take-over' time too. For the last years Sashara has been the Danish organizer, and beautifully well he has done it too. But he is a very busy man, with many enterprises of his own, and so, overloaded! So we relieved him of this Wild Goose group organizer job - and jumping in to take his place are Yuvier & Pralama. They are a close couple, he, from Australia, she, a local girl, and their bond is strong! They are already Wild Goose married partners, and later this year they will make it legal too, with their families, there in DK. They write, Thank you for a wonderful weekend! Such light and love, which happens each time with our beings naturally dissolving in your presence. We want to extend our gratitude to you and Mishka for being chosen to organize the groups in Copenhagen. We will bring our light and full heart to all we create together.

On the picture at the head of this blog you will find them, along with Sashara, and also Domini, who always picks me up on arrival, takes me to the airport, Mondays, and also manages the music and recordings, mostly, there too. Plus Tiago & Nabi who are always beautifully with me there, both in and out of the group during my stay...

Very soon I am off to England, with Mishka, for a seminar there, again in Bath, which fits us in many ways. After that, we will head for London, for a day and night stay - my home city, of course, and where I still live a bit, parallel with here in Germany!

Following that we, as with a number of other Wild Geese, are off to Corfu, for - again - a holiday seminar on this great island. Last year there, it was a real bounty for us all, and even though it was almost a month earlier, we had tremendous warm weather, though right now it is not so, but - still 10 days to go!

Whilst there, my team Arsenal play in the final of the Europa League. Winning, would take us - through the back door - into next season's Champions League. I guess I'll find a way to watch it!

Later, in the summer time, there is of course the great and popular Summer Festival, again in Parimal. From June we have the ending of my current personal course, Trees & Rivers, and also the end of OPT7 (wonderful bunch of people!), and then the launching of the new OPT8; and then, a bit later on, some of us set off on the journey that is Going Home.

I wish you all well, sweeping across the sky, leaving no trace (sometimes!) and may your lives be constantly enriched by the cosmic energy that is part of our lives now.